Monday, 29 April 2013

the big blog exchange

The HI hostel here in Victoria is just around the corner from my work. Cute, right?


The Big Blog Exchange contest is now over and I lost. Sad trombone. I ended up in 164th place with 68 votes, but it's out of 1173 people so I mean, it's not terrible! I'm not even a travel writer from Brazil like every second entry seemed to be, seriously. It was crazy.

They chose sixteen winners in total, fourteen of whom from the top one hundred (with the most votes) and two wild cards out of the other 1073 entrants. Of course the main point of the contest is to promote Hostelling International so they would want the most popular bloggers writing about them, it makes sense. But in another way it's not faaairrrrr. I can't help it that nobody's interested in my dog photos. lol

These are the winners (with their blogs in brackets):

Andy - USA (Backpacking Diplomacy) is exchanging with Sara - Spain (Mindful Travel).

Kisty - Singapore (The Style Mermaid) is exchanging with Sophie - UK (Challenging Sophie)

Audur - Iceland (i heart Reyjkjavik) is exchanging with Nitzan - Israel  (2 Balayla)

Rosario - Argentina (blueheaven) is exchanging with Katherine - New Zealand (KTW)

Rafael - Brazil (360 meridianos) is exchanging with Clair - France (the Green Geekette)

Camie - Philippines (Wild Spirit) is exchanging with Tina - Germany (Lunch for One)

Liesbet - Belgium (Liesbet a Paris) is exchanging with Didintle-South Africa (swedishgarden)

Jeremy - Canada (Jeremy Fowler)is exchanging with Chee - Malaysia (cheechingy

It should be interesting to follow their adventures. (The ones I can read, anyway...I wonder how they're going to address the languages on the blogs, if at all.)

Thank you again to everybody who voted for me. All I had to do was ask once and you showed me support for a stupid one in 1073 chance. :) You guys rule.