Monday, 15 April 2013

Might I vine about the weather?

It's sooooo rainnnyyyyyy. And yes, I can already hear your brains turning and your fingers itching to type back at me something like "Oh yeah, we have 73 feet of snow and the temperature's negative 99 and I have to plug in my car bla bla bla" Well you shut up because the sun does not exist on Vancouver Island right now and it is the single most depressing thing ever.

There's this greyish sky that never ends and I would trade this for -20C with sunshine (and the proper clothing...and deal with it) any day. There are only three things I really hate about that type of weather: the dry itchy skin, the static-filled hair and the driving on icy roads. The cold isn't that bad as long as you have somewhere warm to go and a car with a decent heater.

Here I have to walk a hundred miles uphill both ways barefoot to my bus stop and when it's 5 degrees Celsius and pouring rain/hailing and the wind is blowing so hard your umbrella is useless and your shoes and pants and hair are soaking wet and you still have a full work day ahead of you it is ... disheartening, to say the least.

Anyway I recently found that if I Vine my misery it makes me feel better. Normally after a walk home in a squall I'll bust into the house and be all "YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE WEATHER" and everyone will be like, in flannel pajamas by the fireside drinking cocoa and say something like "I know!" BUT THEY DON'T KNOW. This way they can actually know. That is, if they would follow me on Vine. Which they haven't yet. How rude. But you know who does follow me? YOU GUYS HERE. So here are my weather related vines from the past week.Turn on the volume for the full rain effect.

A morning walk. 

Hail from the bus window and then my reaction to walking in said hail a few moments later. 

My umbrella turning inside out. Yes I got it on video haha. Warning, I kind of whisper "fuck"

I used to think Vine was stupid until I tried it out. The videos are really fun to make. Are you on it? I need more people to follow. Oh, and here's a tip for when you do join vine: find all the comedians you can and follow them, you will laugh for six seconds at a time, many consecutive times.