Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday sausage links.

I wanted a word play on "links" and this is what I came up with? Yikes. Welp, on with the show.


One thing that sucks about having so many tattoos - I feel like busy patterns like on this pretty swimsuit just look straight-up crazy on me now.  (shopping)

This 60 car pileup in Alberta makes me so glad I don't live there anymore. I'd like to say this is the first time I've heard of an accident on such a large scale. (news)

10 minute mail. A site that allows you to create an email address that only lasts ten minutes, perfect for websites that make you 'register' when you don't feel like getting spammed. Oh and this one makes emails that last an hour.   (websites)

Reasoning with vampires. Someone edits the Twilight books. haha (tumblr)

Well this seems a bit extreme. Vegans are branding their flesh in protest.  Working in a vegan friendly tattoo shop, I've seen people get those numbers tattooed on them. Branding in public is pretty unsanitary. (article)

If someone makes you feel unsafe, forget about politeness. There's no way I would have continued in that interaction after "THAT FUCKIN-" nope. I'm done here. (blog post)

If I had endless time and patience, and some reason to display something like this I'd totally make these Easter Egg Terrariums. (crafts)

Rat mural (photos) 

Just like an onion. (tumblr text)

Well if I ever recieve a ring as a gift or, you know, get a ring put on it, I want it to be from here I think. I mean who needs diamonds when you can have Dinosaur bone or meteorite? Heck yes!  (shopping)

Kiki or Bouba? (science)

Have you ever seen Modern Seinfeld? Every time I see a new tweet I LOL. (twitter)

I want one of these self-defense kitty cat keychains. (shopping)

Bubby and Bean featured photos of a dog daycare here in town, and one of the models is a client from Tattoo Zoo. Guess which one, haha. I'll tell you a secret, she's getting an amazing (gigantic) bee backpiece right now.

Your mom. Another Angry Ink post I just love. (blog post)

Smoking kids. (photographs)

Sarah asks ... are your breasts dense? (blog post)

18 celebrities and their historical doppelgangers. Some of these are uncanny! Jack Black! (photos)