Wednesday, 20 March 2013

my life according to instagram


Ryan and I got tattooed again on an impulse one day, haha we just can't quit it. My boss Gerry had a huge cancellation and no walk-ins were coming in. I remembered Ryan saying he wanted to get a ship tattooed on his arm, so I gave him a call and an hour later he was at my work getting zapped. Then I got jealous and asked if I could have a tattoo as well.

I got the tooth because I have a stupid wisdom tooth. In case you were wondering what it "means" to me or whatever. I debated whether or not to get the words "wise guy" around it but decided against it. (Feel free to steal that idea btw). Not sure why I felt the impulse to commemorate something that's given me years of pain and will eventually cost me thousands of dollars except "it looks cool and it's funny that it's sad". So there. 

Here's what the past couple weeks have looked like. Fairly dismal and sometimes happy. That case of beer was amazing though, St. Ambroise McAuslan beer rules. THE RASPBERRY ONE AAGH BEST EVER. It's so frustrating you can only get it in this pack or in Quebec. Their apricot wheat ale was my favorite at beerfest too. Definitely try it if you get a chance.

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