Monday, 18 March 2013

hello from us! and links too!

First of all I want to share that my friend/sometimes boss Sarah was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She wrote about it in her blog (and somehow it's a lighthearted post), and urges all of you us to be proactive in our own well-being. Please go over there, follow her journey and show your support, she deserves it! :)

And now for the not crappy news links.

They're made of meat. A short science fiction story.

I don't want to get my hopes up about this AIDS cure and I hate that they're even calling it a "cure", but it's awesome they're making any headway at all, isn't it? (news)

Two  US soldiers made a bet while in Afghanistan: if one of them died the other had to wear a bright green dress to the funeral. (photos)

Why grammar nazis need to stfu. (article)

How many unique English language tweets are possible? (article)

An inside look at Alinco Costumes, shop that makes and refurbishes NBA mascot costumes. (photos)

If famous websites were people. (video) (WARNING, AUTOPLAY)

9 things I wish economically privileged people in my life knew. (article)

The great unknown: how to deal with doubt. (article)

Reverse spiderman effect. (comic)

Penis snatching on the rise in central Africa. (article)

Fun with googly eyes. (gif)

Evil Dead 4 is happening. And it's actually Army of Darkness 2! Even better! (article)

Wave them around like you just don't care. (comic)

Photos of children around the world with their most prized possessions.

If you want to be a blogger who gets free shit, read this first. Ditto if you own a small business and want to start doing giveaways in conjunction with bloggers. (blog post)

Take My Picture - a short film about the rise of fashion bloggers and street style stars.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty model. (video)

The unluckiest man: bombed at Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. (article)

The "cheat sheet" this guy made for his friend with short term memory loss is great. (article)

Dad hacks video game so Pauline saves Mario! (article)

The baddest girl gangs in film. I NEED one of those man eaters vests. (article)

Squirrels doing human things. (photos)

23 most unfortunate advertising placements. (photos)

Bubonic plague victims' remains discovered in Central London.  (news)

Jimmy Fallon and one of my favorite celebrities of all time Justin Timberlake do The History of Rap, round four. (video)

50 common misconceptions. (video)

15 signs you need to make a serious change in your life. (article)

Amazing. One guy accappellas a song with himself about what happened to four Disney princesses after the movie ended. (video) This must have been so much work.

I'd like to see this Sign Painters documentary. And I noticed one of the guys in the trailer is wearing a Dobell Designs t-shirt. (He painted the windows at the tattoo shop.) (trailer)

This is a cool party trick I'd like to try. (video)

Color, colonialism and chronophobia: some historical thoughts. (article)

How to use a public or shared restroom because it's pretty clear you don't have a goddamned clue. (article)

How to attract people you can count on. (article)

New Game of Thrones season 3 trailer! EE! (video)

This'll tickle you Star Wars fans. (photo)

What do hate groups think of Jennifer Lawrence? (interviews)

Just a few puns for you to enjoy.  

The real cost of wireless in Canada. WTF!! (image)

Know the difference between "to" and "cc" in an email. (article)

Well this is disappointing. Canada is no longer one of the top ten most developed countries. (news)

Lola the cat does not understand how her tent works. (photos)

Anyone else make music videos in their head? I totally do this. (tumblr text)

Where the wild things are. (photojournalism)

Cellphones as a modern irritant. Holy fucking shit, even reading this article made me rage. I can't count the amount of hours I've spent listening to "Ya. I'm on my way." "What do you want to...uh huh" "So she was like..." "What time do you work tomorrow? Yeah. Uh huh." at like, deafening volume AAAAGH (article) Jezebel also wrote about this topic this week.

Mother Theresa was a jerk, and so were some other saints. (article)

Well, I just about died watching Hamlet the piglet go down some stairs. (video)

The lack of female road narratives and why it matters. I know plenty of lady hitchhikers and they are neither damaged nor "wild", simply adventurous. (article) Related: check out these photos by Mike Brodie of hitchhikers and freight jumpers. 

5 tips for capturing emotion in photographs. (blog post)

Dust: photographs of the dust from various places. (photos)

Two carpentry/art pieces I want in my home SO BAD. One and Two

True facts about the dung beetle by Ze Frank. (video)

The way we think about charity is wrong. (TED Talk)

Man follows and videotapes some random dickhead who called him a "faggot". Oh hell yes. I want to start doing this to people who say rude things to me in the street. (video)

Stephen Fry and a zoologist find a rare flightless parrot...and um. It gets the wrong idea. (video)

8 strange and awesome uses for deodorant. (article)

How to not steal others' time. (article)

Inside the abandoned radioactive towns of Japan. (interview and photographs)

Cell phone etiquette posters. (art)

What it's like to go online after 25 years in prison. (article)

I feel the same way Suzy does about taxis. (blog post)

Blonde and smart are not mutually exclusive. (article)

Innovate or evaporate - some blog tough love. (article)

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