Tuesday, 12 March 2013

earf quake of links

Not sure if an earthquake caused this uneven street or if it was just poor planning.

Who cares? LINKS!


A dog picking up three balls. IDK, it's cute.

Why ear candling is not a good idea.

This is a serious question: how the hell did people wear dresses like this in the '60s and ... do anything? 

School of thrones

Tank and I were featured on Victoria's blog the other day.  Do you know her blog? It really makes me want to hang out in Tijuana.

A photo of a snake eating a bat. It's not gross, just "whoa".

Hey grammar freaks, the usage of "literally" is expanding (and has been for a long time) and there's literally nothing we can do about it. 

How do I sharpen?

Whoa, amazing zombie makeup. 

Types of dogs. 

It's almost bikini season.  Love this!

If you ever feel dumb...

If you're busy you're doing something wrong.  

 Dirty Girls
 This is a short film made in 1996 of the  girls in grade 8 who were unpopular and known for crass behaviour and not washing their hair. Too cool.

 I was in grade 8 in 1996 so all these amazing fashions were probably what I was wearing at that same time. Weird to think about.

How to fancy up a ponytail 

Artists and designers took their worst criticisms from clients and made them into funny little graphics. 

Create an out of body experience. 

10 wild, bizarre and obscure music genres. I like mathcore, actually.

24 lies people like to tell women. 

Rare photos of WWII worker women. 

A 19 year old woman made a deworming tablet. 

A burn on Honey Boo Boo's family turns into a lesson on stereotypes on Tumblr.

Some tips on public speaking.  

The Burnoose - a Whose Line is it Anyway? sketch where Ryan Stiles can't hold it together. Never seen that happen before on that show. 

Suzy celebrating the "warm" -10 degrees celsious weather they've been having. I remember when I felt like -5 was shorts weather. What happened to me? I'm such a wimp now.

I love Not Always Working for the tales of horrible workers, but this one made me smile in a non-schadenfreude way. 

If you've never read the E-Mails From An Asshole (don't even reply) you must. 

This poor kid, imagine him as a teenager hahaha. (video) Maybe on a hot dog.

How to create the optical illusion that you're floating in 2 easy steps.

This new Mark Ryden painting is great. Beehive hairdo! 

This wrong number text conversation is funny. 

15 works of hilarious bathroom graffiti.

Have you ever checked out the Herbivore Clothing Company? I love their stuff. These are my favorites right now: Love Life as a hoodie and a baseball tee, Wings are for Flying, Only Kale and Bigger Hearts. I've got a few of their shirts and have sold others at Sarah's Place and they are AWESOME.

 The morning routines of celebrities.

Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling.

Shopfront Elegy - a blog of old shop facades. 

Hipster Hitler.

How do you handle the f word (failure)?

Help Still Wanted - job hunt advice for teens from Rookie 

Who will stop me marrying this picture of a horse? 

How to draw hands. Finally a tutorial that makes sense! 

If I had this dog I'd do this all day.  

Gerry effing Kramer, my boss at the tattoo shop, did a little interview here. And my other friend Chris is mentioned (and quoted) in an article about a scrimshaw exhibit at the Vancouver maritime museum.Famous friends everywhere! :)

How to nap: an infographic. 

Oh J-Law, everybody loves you. 

Top 50 "pictures of the day" from 2012. Anything that starts with a seahorse inspecting anything is okay by me.

Dear mom on the iPhone, it's okay. 

We found our son in the subway.

Dr. Sheila's robot.

It's a purse that charges your smartphone. 

The idea of this cuddling for cash thing sounds like the saddest thing. I hate that people have nobody to snuggle with damnit. Also it's really weird that the lady snugglers are trying to dodge awkward boners half the time. What a weird job that would be.

I bet none of you got a surprise RUN DMC shirt in the mail lately. Have you? Jealous?

Actual Size: how I fell in love with my body. 


Have you ever googled "people coughing"? hahahahaha what does that look like? I'm so immature. 


Thank you