Monday, 4 February 2013

superb owl monday

Hey did you guys catch that football thing yesterday or whatever? I didn't. I watched Cash Cab and drank so many Strongbows my head hurts a bit this morning. (In this case "so many" means four. I'm a lightweight.) Not to worry, I have advil for just such an occasion.

I love it when people get into the Cash Cab and the host does a really cheesy New York Guy accent. He might as well go "HEY FUGGEDABOUDIT" and then try to cross a busy street and someone honks their horn and screeches their brakes and he goes "I'M WALKING HERE"


I've been doing a lot of nothing except worrying that I'm not doing anything interesting. Which is a silly way to live, isn't it? But the cool thing I've discovered, which is totally obvious to probably all of you already, is that working out or running makes me feel better about myself. Like, it really actually does. Which is pretty cool. So what with all this nothing I'm doing and all the money I'm not making and the grey grey weather, I've got a lot of reasons to hit the gym.

I actually joined a class one day when I was feeling extra inspired. It's called "gym divas" or "muscle princess" or something horribly humiliating and it starts next Sunday. I'm hoping it's going to be a few other ladies maybe around my age or a bit older and we'll just learn how to do things and it won't be awful and it won't draw any extra attention to us.

Or maybe it'll be only me, and then I will have just got myself a very inexpensive four hours with a personal trainer. Anyway I joined because I really have a hard time trying new things when I'm at the gym. I'm certain every person in there is judging my every move, so I only do things I'm certain I know how to do perfectly. Which isn't much at all.

Do I even lift? Not really. Kind of. But I want to! And on the bright side, if it's embarrassing I'll have a story to tell.