Wednesday, 6 February 2013

random stuff and then an oceanful of links

This evening Ryan and I finally watched Django Unchained. And we both loved it. It was way funnier than I expected, and just as harsh as it had to be. (Although not nearly as harsh as reality was, I know.) 

One thing I really respected (this is not really a spoiler ... unless you like a lot of surprise rape scenes in your movies??) was that there were no rape-for-shock-value scenes. There could have been. There were three or four chances throughout the movie where it would have fit seamlessly, but they didn't go there. 

I just loved the standard Tarantino ridiculous violence, the love story, the bad-assery of the characters, and that two of my favorite actors of all-time are in it: Leo and Christoph. *sigh* And Jamie? Damn!! He has earned a place in my heart too. Just watch it if you haven't already and then love Christoph Waltz even more than I know you already do. 



I got some new shirts in the mail from Threadless. I seriously love their shirts so much. There's something for everybody. Well, everybody who likes t-shirts anyway. This one is a skateboarding dog drinking gin with a straw, of course.

I also re-ordered this one ... because I accidentally washed my last one with my red tights...oops! AND I got this other shirt too, here's the design, I think they're sold out of the shirts. Anyway in normal light it says "Today is the day." And then in glow-in-the-dark invisible-in-the-light letters it says "Tonight is the night." And the funny thing is I didn't even know about the glowing bits until I wore it to bed. hahaha best surprise ever. Although surprise glowing things in my bed have a way of freaking me out, if you know what I mean.

Okay honestly I don't even know what I mean there.

 Carrying on..


Being a fairly conscious eater, even though I am not a vegan I definitely know and understand the principles behind not eating dairy. Which means a lot of the time I have trouble with yogurt, sour cream, etc. It really grosses me out. So that said, I found this Amande brand cultured almond ... food ... in the yogurt section of my local grocery store. It's dairy free and seriously tastes like yogurt but BETTER. The coconut flavor is amazing. I've also had blueberry and cherry. All delicious and all vegan and guilt-free.


 I tried so hard to get a cute picture of Tank and I hanging out in the bedroom today and this is the best I could get. I love hanging out with that guy. He's so sweet. Except when he gets in his stubborn dog mode, then he's infuriating to take on a walk. Some yelling may or may not have happened today on our walk in the trees because of this. Ahem.


The library is directly beside my gym. I went the other day after work to hit a stationary bike for a bit and thought "Hey, I'll just stop by the library and see if they have The Other Boleyn Girl in." So I wandered over to the fiction section and fifteen minutes later I staggered out of there with this armload. I can never just check out one book.


A few nights ago, in the dead of night, Tank started barking ferociously. He hardly ever barks like that unless there's fireworks going off or a deer just out of reach of his lead. I woke up and kind of yelled at him to go lay down and then drifted back off because he's probably justbarkingfornoreasonzzzzzzz ...WAIT A MINUTE IT COULD BE AN INTRUDER A ROBBER AN ALIEN. No joke, my mind went straight there. And I was suddenly freaking out because my shirt was glowing and there was an alien in my living room and maybe one would come look at me while I was lying in bed.

Why does the brain do this? I ended up getting up and turning on the living room light just to make my brain shut up about aliens. Tank was lying on the couch with his eyes open, just blinking at me. I looked out the front window and saw nobody (or no THING), did a cursory glance around the rest of the house and went back to bed.

The next morning Ryan noticed that someone had been snooping through our storage area on our front porch. We don't keep anything really special there, just our recycling and some old goalie equipment but still. Some old hobo was snooping right up at our front door. Note to self: never leave anything important outside no matter how pristine our little neighborhood seems in the day.



In making this links post over the past week or so I feel like I've been in one of those dreams where you really want to catch up to something, so you're running as fast as your little legs can carry you but you still go too slow. I'm running through molasses trying to keep up with everything on the internet and I can't do it!

Even if making links posts all day long was my full-time job (I WISH), there's too much interesting crap going on all day every day to keep up with. Talk about your information overloads. Even just with Reddit, The Laughing Squid, the Daily What and random websites I follow on Tumblr like Vice and Hello Giggles I am completely overwhelmed. 

It's all interesting yet none of it is important. 
(And there, in a nutshell, is the internet.)

Here are like. one tenth of the links I want to share with you.

This happened when a bunch of snow melted and then flash froze in Russia.

Should I go back to school?  

I wish my sketchbook looked like this.

Buff cat??!! haha

What is love at first sight? 

Know how to get out!

Sarah Von's suggesting nice things we can do for people. I love the idea of anonymously paying off someone's layaway plan. 

Mini travel guide: Kenya.

Let's all stop complaining about high school. 

Imaginary doors and the people who pass by them.  

What is obscene

Have you heard about Zimbabwe's current financial situation? It's ... unbelievable.  I have more money than Zimbabwe.

You want to cry real tears? Watch this video. 

Words Shakespeare invented. 

20 things that happened on the internet in 2012. I can honestly only identify one of them for sure, the Ikea monkey. The rest? ???

Truth or scare: rookie writer debunks sex myths.  

The permanently worried cat. 

Milkweed vs monarch butterfly.

Specialty coffee: the pursuit of deliciousness. (mini documentary) (video) Not gonna lie, I don't care how pretentious it seems, I would totally go to that shop where they do the "cupping" thing. It looks fantastic there.

Living with your ex. Not only is this well written, but it's perfectly illustrated as well. 

Why non-alcoholic beer is the best kind.

I'm probably not going to do or remember any of these tips but for you who are better at these things here are some ways to make your food last longer. 

I, for one, hate that poodle and agree that you could get 64 amazing murals for the same price. 

I want these awkward merit badges. 

Why camera angles are critical. 

Creepiest pizza box ever.

How to turn any day into an adventure.  

Our brains love being grateful. 

Kim Suozzi lost her battle with cancer but raised funds online to be cryogenically preserved.


On selling out. 

Staying alive: the women who are immune to aids. 

haha The Onion hits this one spot on. Teenage Girl blossoming into beautiful object. 

I'm tempted to write a few cover letters like this. Awesome. 

Don't let unemployment crush your soul.

This cat's face of discovery. 

Oh thank goodness. 

My sister took this picture of her dog Bella.

Welp, suddenly Kelly Osborne is a babe. 

There's a replica of Central Perk in Beijing


Marissa knows how to deal with bullies. I wish I was so strong. 

This American Life - the invisible made visible <3 IRA <3 Plus David Sedaris dressed as a clown.

Speaking of David Sedaris, here he is reading 50 shades of grey! hahaha (video)

What does it feel like to be a hot girl who gets old? 

Carousel from hell. Nope. Luckily a redditor figured out the physics and found it to be fake. But here's the video it's from. Check it out, the animations are amazing.

Why extroverts fail, introverts flounder and you will probably succeed. 

So...THAT happened. A journaling practice for people who tend to forget their own awesomeness.

The balancing act of being female, or why we have so many clothes. And this? Is why I dress like a dude. 

These puppies want some pretzels!

21 dogs who don't realize they're big.

A useful pre-trip packing list.  

How doctors die. 

How to say no to everything ever.

Your lifestyle has already been designed. Well that's depressing, isn't it?

No you're not running late, you're rude and selfish!

My friend Sam rode his bicycle from Brooklyn to Montauk and took a photo every 30 minutes. 

Stopping comparisons: reclaim reality and raise your self-esteem.

I love this ad in recent Indian newspapers. 

Did penicillin, rather than the birth control pill, usher in the age of love?

This slumber party court GIF made me laugh out loud. 

If I had this egg shaper I'd totally eat eggs sometimes.

Meet the Lykovs, a Russian family who has been living in isolation for over 40 years.  That final photo looks more like a Monty Python character than a real person.

Suzy's ten things that are driving her crazy on Facebook are spot on. 

Gerald Carr talks about his life as an astronaut before space. (video)

Applebees fires waitress for showing on reddit that a pastor is an asshole who doesn't tip.


Is this even a dog? 

"chasing ice" captures huge glacier calving event (video)

It may be true that a tiger's roar can temporarily paralyze its prey.

The internet is a silly place, isn't it?

No more pennies in Canada!

When evil temptress secretaries prey on their poor defenseless bosses. 

So one of the creators of my favorite video game killed his entire family. 

I wish I had the capacity to memorize all the Harry Potter books for such an occasion.

This is one of the most disturbing things I've ever read. In a humorous way.

First to eat the marshmallow, raise your hand.

OMG Marineland is awful if this is true. 

The speed of this car is too damn high. 

This restaurant surcharge thing is total bullshit and needs to be stopped!

USA's "in God we trust" vs. Canada's "medical innovation"

An illustrated beginner's guide to Doom and Stoner rock.

Late 20s rut busting: identifying sneaky time wasters.

Men feeling the simulated agony of childbirth. (video)

No matter how many Rockstars you see that muscleman pounding in the locker room at the gym, Supercaffeinated drinks are not safe, guys!

The main difference between instagram and vine.  

Angry ink. A tattoo artist tells it like it is. haha

Things to think about when purging your closet. 

An illustrated guide on how (and how not) to ride an escalator.

The end of courtship? So glad I'm not dating these days.

Try a food you hated as a child. 

Ordering pizza online in the retrofuture.

I think Crystal's new tattoo is really cute. 

These ugly self-photos taken by pretty girls are hilarious.

What if guys and girls swapped stereotypes at the gym? (video) WARNING, AUTOPLAY

Web design tips from the UK Government. Pretty good!


14 stargazing events in 2013

Do less: a short guide.

When I get a car it's going to be a mini, this just makes me love them more.

Tepshie drew a bunch of lemongrab cats.

So...beyond the universe there might be something BIGGER? Ah, space. Always more freaky than I could have ever imagined. 

Lou Ferigno, best tipper ever. hahaha

The mystery of how homing pigeons find home is finally solved. 

Across 3 continents: a story of Tumblr, copyright and excellent posters. (video)

32 of life's most underrated activities.

How caterpillars work. More disturbing than I originally thought.

Lego's come out with some pop culture riddles

Ban these office behaviors.

OMG Suzy's Jian Ghomeshi chronicles are so cute and sweet and amazing. I'm so jealous. If Ira Glass ever comes to Victoria I am so airport stalking him. Read it all here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6!


Thank you