Sunday, 10 February 2013

links so you have something to do before Walking Dead starts


Hissing booth, five cents.

What happens at an atheist church? 

I'm a stay at home dude.

Noa posted a bunch of hilarious Tig Notaro standup videos on her blog.  

Bill Nye on an asteroid that's going to miss earth by ... FIFTEEN MINUTES WTF

I  swear if I saw something like this happen in real life I'd just burst into tears. I cry at every pretty flash mob, but classical music ones get me the worst. P.S. never take me to a symphony performance.

Look at these pimpin' Russian tombstones.

Dustin Meyers makes some weird paintings. 

This photo of some men bathing in water from a pipe in India is amazing. 

The germophobe in me loves this. Australian kids aren't allowed to blow out birthday candles in public anymore due to health concerns. 

Just grab the essentials, buddy. 

Why all the outrage? Horse meat or cow meat, what's the damn difference?

Whoa. Crazy hitchhiker story. (video) NSFW So many swears.  I think he's still in shock during this video, poor dude.

Suzy's poem about feet.

And yet another reason to never ever ever ever swim in the ocean.

Ahh, humanity.

Life finds a way.

Fuck you if you don't tip your server. 

Louis C.K. on how we talk. Amazing is a pet peeve of mine.  (nsfw)

So dinosaurs used to have gigantic fleas. Ew.

I need a hug...   heh heh (nsfw)


A sweet little video - a kid narrates a story and some people act it out. I don't know how to explain it but it's cute.

This drug dealing prank is pretty funny. (video)

Reinterpreting Disney Princess costumes through a historical lens.

Tilt shift photography of famous global cities

The cat matrix

Every women's magazine.

A new era.

Fashion sketching for beginners

French condoms?

What if we were the marshmallows? (a tiny bit disturbing)

Why parents need to let their children fail.

How to be a photographer in four lessons. 

Coca-Cola's orange juice sounds ... complicated. And disgusting.

This RISE alarm clock app for iPhone is neat. I wish I had an iPhone. 

What will your dash mean?


Okay can we all just admit Sigourney Weaver is and always be a babe?

A horse with the word horse on it. Do you know how bad I want this to be real? Just let me believe.

What movie titles translated into French actually say in French

What muppets look like without hands in them.

Have you seen George W. Bush's self portraits yet? hahahaha yeah just look

What should you know before being admitted to a hospital? 

Just keep writing. Writers write

What if "God" is a metaphor for "the universe". Whoa

Meet Mark Landis, one of the most prolific art forgers in U.S. history.

Sarah gives some tips on how to add visual interest to a photo.

Photos of famous paintings and one guy's stories or poems that kind of go with them. It's better than I'm making it sound. 

How to keep a happy indoor cat. Speaking of cats, I'm scheming to steal my mom's cat Fabio, who, those of you who follow me on instagram know, just recently got a haircut and now has a mustache.

Did you know Ben and Jerry's ice cream has an actual graveyard for discontinued flavors?

Ask a North Korean.

What kind of girl scout cookie are you

OH HELL NO. Spiders everywhere in the sky, somewhere in Brazil. (video)

An IRL photo of Bart Simpson.  

Which Riverdale gal are you? Not to brag but I'm Betty Cooper.


Thank you Caitlin, Kaelah, Rookie, Kellie, Sarah Von and Nubby.

Without you guys I wouldn't have any links to steal or any friends. 

** All optical illusion GIFs created by Aakash Nihalani. With tape. Check out his awesome street art too, also made with tape: HERE HERE and on his blog HERE. It's very good.