Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentimes.


Yeah I know it's not actually "valentimes" but it's funny to talk like a pre-schooler. Isn't it? I don't even know any more. Are you doing anything special for this hallmark holiday? I decided, in part because of Sarah Von's recent post, to buy the employees at my favorite coffee shop some heart shaped chocolates, because I think I am in love with coffee, and the people are amazing and they remember what I drink. And they're always friendly, even when I don't tip.

I kind of think valentines day is stupid but also really like love so I guess I have mixed feelings. It is an excuse to wear a lot of pink and red together right? And let's just say I wouldn't be angry if some salted dark chocolate ended up in my hands by the end of the day. I just hate to think of all the poor boyfriends out there trying to decide which rose to buy for whatever exorbitant price the florists have decided upon.