Wednesday, 23 January 2013

my links post can beat up your links post

Sometimes incredibly famous bloggers will post a links list that contain more than a few things I've posted in the past. And sometimes I wonder if they're secretly reading my blog. Because we couldn't possibly just be getting our stuff from the same sources, right?

Well anyway if you're a blogger with over a thousand readers please identify yourself immediately. I promise you won't be harmed. I just need to know.You know, for my ego.


Check out this deer I saw in the newspaper. LOL


Another thing before we start, I just have to say that I'm like a bajillion years late to this party but Reddit is amazing. There are SO MANY FUNNY PEOPLE on there. I apologize if my links are directed more and more to that site but seriously, they have everything. Including shit I never wanted to see in my life. But still. If you haven't, give it a chance. You'll never be the same. Just never ever, no matter how curious you are, click anything labeled NSFW. It's not. Ever. Good.


Now onto the links.

Okay so first of all, Canadians and Europeans who feel so left out with the whole Hulu thing? I found the easiest effing solution ever. Media Hint. I'm fucking serious, it's that easy.Just click and add it on to your browser. Boom. Hulu.

Here's an interactive script for Moonrise Kingdom.  

What does crystal meth do to someone? Wow, it sounds horrifying.  Not even once.

One of those 'faith in humanity' tearjerkers.  

I really really want this to be an actual cure for kidney stones. 

What my friend Sarah Kramer says to people who tell her "I don't like tofu". (video)

Hilarious illustrations of cynicism by Eduardo Salles.

On turning 45. I love hearing people talk about embracing their age.

A reporter at a press conference set up his phone next to Neil Lennon to record  ... and his wife calls. (video)

A man and a shed. These are the good old days. 

True story: I went to boarding school. 

Photos of the Idle No More demonstrations happening across Canada. 

How to get over a grudge. With science! And then redditors take matters into their own hands and help each other out using this technique.

Invitation to the Scooby gang. (video)

What is the best NSFW joke you've caught in a children's show?

Fat Sex. (nsfw)

Ungh. Organization porn.  Get in my house.

Okay this is super NSFW but seriously this "fish porn" is Not. Sexy.  More like a horror movie.

Sarah Von got to do a police ridealong. 

The US National Institutes of Health have been ordered to retire most of their experimental chimpanzees in the labs. That's good, right? Unless "retire" means "euthanize".

Unfortunate names real people have. I knew of a Rusty Nichols in high school. And Candy Dahl.  

Women who rock! (on the still-male-dominated business side of indie rock)

The 23 drunkest things on the internet. 

How to clean your oven naturally. 

Cat goes NOM NOM NOM when eating sour cream. (video)

A list of collective nouns.We all know 'a murder of crows' but here are some more obscure ones.

Why you should cite a source on Tumblr or elsewhere on the internet.

A brief history of oral sex. 

Steve Irwin being ridiculously calm while a python bites his neck. (video)

Butterfly man. 

Some dos and don'ts for people without kids when dealing with their breeder friends. 

What happened to downtime?  

Ozzy Osborne's house caught on fire recently. Luckily he's mostly okay but his hair being burned off up to his ears really disturbs me, ha. 

Criminal penguins. (video)

A telemarketergives tips on how to get on the Do Not Call List on Reddit.

Have you ever heard of the immortal jellyfish?Along the same line, did you know there are whales alive today that were around before Moby Dick was written?

Overly macho man on push ups. ha

Did you know cows have best friends?  

I love this picture of a man and some owls he rescued. 

I don't condone the use of the word 'faggot' in this way but the picture is hilarious.

Portlandia: the more you knerd. (video)  Related: You're not a nerd, geeks aren't sexy and you don't fucking love science.

A new lizard was discovered in Vietnam!  

Satanists support the governor of Florida's 'defense of religious liberty'. LOL that's what you get!

Photos of hippies. Warning, boobs everywhere. 

Top ten places you can't go.

For the Adventure Time fans.

Cover to cover: my history with a headscarf. 

If I ever get married I am copying this RSVP card.  

Pervy soap. (video)

How to customize your iPhone case. If I did this mine would probably end up covered in pentagrams and swearwords or something.

A lizard and an iPhone. Cute!!

Want to see how Tony Mancia makes those photorealistic tattoos? Click here.  p.s. This tattoo actually probably took like twelve hours, not two minutes.

Larry David on the horror of social intercourse. (video)

Suzy  tells us how to stay curious in our hometowns.

I love that two people sent me pictures that made them think of me lately: THIS and THIS. Sums me up pretty perfectly. lol

I know this is an amazing video of a humpback whale but OMG it's terrifying how quickly it just disappears into the blue distance. What else is out there? Everything. That's what.

Apparently Hitler was quite the prankster. 

This is me about underwear. ha I always have to tell myself it makes no difference.

The back alleys of Berlin. WOW the more I see/hear of Berlin the more I want to go to there.

This song, played by two teenagers with kitchen utensils, is a must-see. (video)

The contagious laughter video. I've posted this somewhere before but if you haven't seen it I dare you to watch it all the way through and not smile a bit. 

The West Wing tells us why our maps are wrong. (video) And here's the Peters Projection world map.

If I were ever to buy someone's photography on Etsy, it'd be Joel Robinson's. 

The invention of sex: it's all up to you. 

The immeasurable value of vacation mind. 

The blessings of atheism.


The meanest washroom doors I've ever seen. 

How to survive out of a suitcase.  Even if you're very glamorous it is possible.

My year of funerals. 

Oh la la, wish I were a skateboarder so I could ride this baby around.

I like this mini-documentary on Lisa Congdon, she says some great things. (video)

That time Suzy went into a back alley for the time of her life. 

Common physics misconceptions (video)

Is a Disney-free daughter really a more empowered one? 

Kristin dives on Dominica - taking underwater photos is super fun! 

Is chernobyl a wild kingdom or a radioactive den of decay?

The science of productivity. (video)

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