Monday, 28 January 2013

links, friends!

Full disclosure: the title of this post started out as "links, bitches" but I changed it because I want to treat you guys as people, not as a platform for my hilarious swear-words. Anyway here are the links, buddy. Pal. Dude.


For all you vegans whose families still make the "calcium" argument:


An icy fire fight.

Schoolboys' 100 year old paper airplanes found in the eaves of a chapel. 

People are awesome. (video of people much more athletic than I'll ever be)

Public transportation. Yup.

This dumb dog and its stick haha (video)

These dollhouses are creepy and so detailed!

What Gala learned from the Bones Brigade documentary. (Which is excellent btw)

You've probably all seen this one before but if you haven't I present to you a very cute short film called Western Spaghetti. (video)

Ski hill skill level signs.

France really wants Twitter to give up the names of Anti-Semites.  Twitter's thinking about it.

Suzy on Django Unchained. 

What's the most dangerous place on earth? (video) The part about falling into lava blew my mind. And the thing about malaria!!!

If you didn't want to watch that last video, at least check out what would happen if a human fell into lava. All the water in your body would violently turn into steam and explode! (Don't worry, it's not a snuff film, this was just a bag of "organic material" thrown into lava.)

Why does alcohol make a cut hurt?

We had way too much fun with this text to speech site. 

I'm a robin standing in the snow, on a gnome

What if Westeros (Game of Thrones) is actually Middle Earth (LOTR) hundreds of years later? Whoa

It's okay to feel weird when your friends announce big things, be cool anyway. I burst into tears when my high school best friend told me she was pregnant. Not cool.

Look at this and try not to think "This is my last resort" haha

Hannah has a good point about the whole Beyonce lip synch ... "scandal" 

Please don't pet service dogs.  

How to craft a book. I want to try this! 

Adulting's step #277 is so right.

Dental signs of Morocco. 

How was the world created according to different philosophies? 

So if you live in the USA and want to buy a Volvo, please please do it this way, this is amazing.

Alex Stoddard's 365 self portraits are still going strong. He's great.

A few photos Sandra took of Berlin. I WANT TO GO TO DAMN BERLIN DAMNIT

Oh she actually posted more photos of Berlin in her "street art bonanza". So. Awesome. 

Worldwide regrets counter for misplaced priorities. 

36 perfectly timed animal shots.

Stephen Hawking held a party for time travelers but nobody came.

What women lose in the fight to be thin. 

Start drawing. I WANT TO

I don't drink, don't hold it against me!

A German court ruled that people have the right to claim compensation from internet service providers if service is interrupted because it's "essential". wow

How to create the right mindset to pay off your debts. 

How much stuff should you own? 

Wikicancel shows you how to delete your account forever on Facebook, Groupon, EBay, PayPal...everything.

An alternative view to Breaking Bad

33 behind the scenes photos from famous movies. The Kill Bill one made me so happy when I realized who the stunt double was! She's the best. 

Buy a cool t-shirt, help a cool guy. 

How to extend the life of your razor blade.

Meet Harvey, a kitty born without leg bones. AWWW bendy kitty

15 astounding facts. 

Older brain is willing, but too full. 

Just because everyone else is an asshole doesn't make you a fraud.

Not to burst everyone's bubble but I feel like this interview with Koko the gorilla is straight up proof that you can't teach an animal a human language.  Although I still think it's magical to be able to know what she's thinking about and her weird associations, like "foot" meaning "male". I wish Tank knew sign language.

Facts about Greyhounds. I didn't know a lot of these.

Don't wait for the perfect shot. 

Marsel Van Oosten's photos of bears. The first one!!! There's so many. 

Why did men stop wearing high heels? 

Matchbook therapy.

The rise and fall of me.  

Believe it or not, this almost had me inspired to write a book. ha

Why photography is not all about your equipment.  

Tracking your integrity (because reliability is damn sexy). 

Paul Jarvis tells us how to win at SEO.

Confessions of a hotel insider.  OMG the nametag thing is spot on.

A rape a minute, a thousand corpses a year. 

Oh Obama. 

Why you truly never leave high school.

If there were snow here and an unlimited supply of milk cartons I would do this tonight. 

A French joke book of weird inventions. 

The fascinating business cards of famous people. 

Whoa. The coolest cat ever talks about being napalmed in the Vietnam war by friendly fire. I want to see the rest of this documentary! (video) Oh here it is!!

PSAs from Middle Earth

There's a thing called Macaulay Culkin's iPod. And yeah. It's literally what the name says. After watching Party Monster this does not surprise me. Is it just me or are his hands very small?

Otter eats watermelon but does not enjoy it. 

Learn your archetype here. This is me btw, I think it sounds pretty accurate. Plus I find taking these quizzes the best way to quell any built-up narcissistic energy. ha