Saturday, 5 January 2013

links and a bonus photo of my boy dog peeing like a girl

Ah damnit I just noticed he's whizzing on his lead. That I probably touched with my bare hands. Yuck. He was in a hurry to pee that day because it was raining and he's a wimp. I guess leaning forward is faster than lifting a leg. Anyway enough pee stance analysis, here are those links I promised you. 


Here's a cat who's scared of the Mario jump sound. (video)

The Whole Nine Yards: etymology of English idioms and puns. 

The origin of the teddy bear.

34 facts about horror movies that will blow your mind. 

Last suppers: portraits of death row inmates' last meals. Sad but interesting.

10 most popular accidental mysteries of 2012. 

How to tell you're becoming the lame friend. 

Surefire ways to make your next year better.

Remember when Christopher Walken looked like Scarlett Johansson

The most beautiful horse in the world.  

Horror films for pets.

Are you choosing the right goals for yourself? 

Darren Cullen is hilarious. Topless Mayan calendar anybody? 

Creepy and amazing vintage paperback covers.

Redbook magazine is stealing blogger's ideas and illustrating them to get around copyright infringement.

Top 10 reasons we know the earth is round. #7 is crazy! (video)

A list of life skills to master. 

25 ways to make your life better immediately. 

Hollywood height chart. Geez I knew Danny DeVito was short but man he's tiny!!

10 reasons why the Addams Family is awesome(ly feminist). 

When you become disillusioned with your hero.

When is wearing makeup a choice? 

Sworn virgins of Albania: portraits of Balkan women who live as men.  

20 ingredients Alycia Silverstone can't live without.  I don't know what three of them even are.

The power of introverts. (videos)

Decoy building spider discovered.

Why libraries matter. 

12 year old Joseph Gordon Levitt on Roseanne. (video)

The six craziest beliefs entire cultures have about sex.

A gorgeous Senegalese girl gets her gums tattooed black to improve her smile. (video) Geez I can't imagine getting my gums tattooed stick and poke style like that. AAH

The Modern Library's list of the 100 best novels. I have some reading to do. 

Tips for nailing a job interview.

28 powerful questions for a happy life.  

Remember 1990's internet? hahaha (video)

Being a cat is awesome.

True Story: I left my fiance at the altar. 

Here's a list of critically endangered species, in case you were wondering. 

With some amendments this could be the perfect shopping list.  

I should have been in Florida for New Years Day.  

Someone's taking Rock Paper Scissors (or RPS) too seriously.

How to fill awkward silences.  

Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. 

Fund the life of your dreams in 2013.

Beca's making 52 pies this year, starting with blackberry MOONSHINE cobbler. Why is she so cool?

MAN: how humans interact with the natural world. (video)

Things my 20s taught me.

2013: a tipping year for climate change. 

Do you miss Tattoo Tuesday on Sometimes Sweet? Fear not, someone else has taken the reins.  

Kenyan women create their own 'geek culture'. 

Get rid of stuff and move on. 

A bartender's guide to cell phone etiquette. 

Fun and easy ways to stop slut-shaming in 2013. 

Do you stay more dry walking or running in the rain? (video)

The origin and development of the quotation mark

The Django moment, or when should white people laugh during Django Unchained? (SPOILERS)

Supercut of kids eating sour Warhead candies for the first time. (video)

Be culturally sensitive while traveling.

The 25 funniest autocorrects of 2012. 

Feminists of generation now. 

Here's a review of some of the best scientific discoveries made in 2012. 

7 codes you'll never ever break.  

Hannah read 32 books in 2012 and made a list for the rest of us.

Grand Valley State university apparently has the students write out their own names phonetically for graduation. (video)


That's about enough for one post, yeah? Yeah. This post wouldn't have been possible without stealing from all these awesome ladies:

And now I'm off to get dressed and walk a hundred miles in the rain to the bus stop.