Thursday, 31 January 2013

currently: senses edition


I've been...

Seeing, part A (literal sight) Let me tell you all, I can't see a damn thing. I've been growing my bangs out for EVER and this is as far as I've gotten. It's tough to see in the photo below but they're juuust below my lower eyelid. It's going to take until summer to be able to tuck them behind my ears, isn't it? For now? Booby pins. Or bobby pins. I'm just going to let that typo stay because it's hilarious.

Talking of my hair, anyone else have ridiculously oily roots? I've never noticed it as much as I have recently. I usually cut my bangs super short or bleach and dye the shit out of it, but this is me au natural and it is NOT working for me. I almost want to color my hair just to make it drier. Is that crazy? I've tried dry shampoo and all types of powders and potions but I can't go half a day until I look like an unwashed greaseball no matter what I use or don't use. And I find those powders irritating to my scalp.Are there any beauty tricks I'm missing?

Seeing Part B: (what I've been watching) Yeah so television is a fairly large part of my life, as much as I'd like to say otherwise. I just love watching TV. ha

I just burned through a ton of Archer episodes (which was kind of funny but ultimately ended up being more on the offensive side and less on the funny side) and have been re-watching Party Down. As I mentioned in my most recent links post I also figured out a way to watch Hulu from Canada, so that's amazing. I had no idea what I was missing. You Americans are so lucky, access-to-entertainment-ally speaking. Yesterday I watched a Korean sitcom. A KOREAN SITCOM. The internet is an amazing place.

Seeing Part C: (what I've been reading) I've been working on A Confederacy of Dunces for about a month now. It's good, it's interesting, it's funny ... but I guess I just haven't been interested in reading. I really go in phases with books. I can feel my momentum picking up though, and think I may try and burn through Dunces and give The Other Boelyn Girl a go. I've been meaning to read it for years now but just haven't gotten around to it.

Hearing: Oh have I ever been listening to a lot of stoner rock. These are a few of the bands I love at the moment in case you're looking for something new.

I hate calling it "stoner rock" ... I'm not advocating drug use everyone. It's the name of the genre. I swear!

And here's the song that I put on every time I'm running or cycling and am just at the point of telling myself "I can't do anymore, I'm too tired." It always pumps me right up and makes me go faster. Is that cheesy? Ha. At least it's not a Lady Gaga song or something.
Tasting: a bunch of Thai candy my friend Corey brought me back from Thailand. I think food is always an interesting souvenir/gift in case you ever get stuck on what to bring back for people. These creamsicle flavored Oreos were a hit.


Smelling: Dudes. The cherry trees are already blossoming. IN JANUARY!!!

Feeling Part A: (with my nervous system) I got a tiny new tattoo on my wrist from Bart, one of the guys at my work. It's hard to get a good photo of it because it goes over my wrist bone and always looks a little skewed.

Honestly small ones like this barely count anymore to me, like I even feel weird saying "I got a tattoo" about it. And this one especially, it looks like it's always been there. I can't believe I haven't gotten this one before. (I have a whole armful of optical illusions, if you didn't know.)

Feeling Part B: (with my feelings on the inside) This is totally sappy but I have been feeling so much closer to Ryan lately than I can ever remember feeling. We just recently celebrated six years together and maybe it's just that we know each other rather well at this point. Whatever it is, I'm loving it and I hope that as time goes on we can continue to evolve together but separately.


So what's new with you? Do you do currently posts? Link to it in the comments if you want. Maybe you'll make a new friend or two!