Saturday, 15 December 2012


This links post is going to have to last you all a while. I'm about to go away for a week-ish to visit my family, which I'm totally excited about. I mean, look at these faces!!

Yes I do have a lot of siblings, and yes my mom is a babe. And yes the pictures are very small but that's okay because you don't really care what my family looks like, do you? Do you? If you do that's weird.

Anyway some of these links will lead you down month long wormholes. I'm looking at you, Not Pron. AAAGH I've spent four hours getting to level six. And there are a bajillion levels. (140 actually, but they're HARD. It's amazing. Use your brains and skills and outsidetheboxthinking.)

So now here are ze links. I separated them into neat categories for you this time for some reason.

Pretty pictures

Voyeuristic photos of people just before their airplane takes off.

Frost flowers


Still life with balancing bread.

Sunset reflected in an alligator's eyes. 

These photos of Scapegoat Tattoo (in Portland) are lovely. What a nice shop!

Portraits of unrelated look-alikes.

A road on Tenerife island. Gorgeous.

The ex-zoo in Copenhagen. Wow!!

Swarovski crystal world. And check out the Swarovski crystaloscope.

Swiss Alps cheesemaking.  Christian has glorious hair.

Life advice, lessons and good tips.

Rules for writing your first resume.

33 things I learned before turning 34.

Don't get caught

How to carry on a conversation with anyone about anything.  I personally hate "What do you do?"

On being a late bloomer.

Walk with purpose and the rest will follow.  And watch the TED talk on body language.

What Facebook is changing in the privacy settings now. 

Tipping etiqette: a definitive guide to gratuity.  

5 tips on going to your first fitness class.

Ritual importance.

What your underwear says about you.

Catchall category for articles about being fat, being gay, women, feminism and power.* 

I can't imagine being on a VLCD - very low calorie diet. Sounds insane!

A holy alliance: faith and feminism.

The 'f' word'

Companies in Japan are fined for having fat employees.

Homeless in NYC, a young gay girl learns to survive.  

Being mean to fat people is pointless. 

It happened one MGM. 

An open letter to the woman who wrote '11 qualities of the perfect woman'.

She who dies with the most likes wins? 

Why are thin people not fat? (video)

Tell your daughters you're beautiful

The ripped, bikini-clad reverend.

Ashley Judd slaps media in the face for speculation over her puffy appearance.

At the pinnacle of Hillary Clinton's career.

Useful links for the holidays. 

Be a good houseguest.

How to give great gifts.

Who doesn't love a good Krampus parade? 

10 gift wrapping ideas.

In Brazil a telephone company set up a stunt where kids could phone Santa. So cool.

The Santa Lie: is the big Christmas con hurting our kids? 

14 holiday movies you can watch online.


"hair like fire" haha awesome

Sergeant Brody from Homeland has a Twitter account

Confused dog on an escalator. 

How to make a baby.

A race horse named "ARRRRRR" hahaha (video)

Snow angle.

Fart salesman.  

Everything we hate about Instagram. (video)

Moments of sheer panic. 

Dear Satan. haha

Ultimate dog shaming. (video) The slinky, haha.

GAP and Old Navy are the gateways to mom jeans. I knew it!

Just awesome.

The coolest mayor ever.

The making of the Freaks and Geeks reunion. (video) WARNING, AUTOPLAY

Augmented reality train windows are so neat! 

So having this done with my wisdom teeth. 

The transformative power of classical music. (video)

Mr.Rogers on dealing with tragic events in the news. Autoplay again.

Complaint jar 

Only Chloe Rice could see getting a root canal as a positive experience.

Twin switching pranks. 

Coffee or tea exchange. Sign up here. 

I agree. Frida Kahlo is literally the best thing ever. 

The Phillipino "handsome" pose. haha actually I just want you to read Kristin's post.

Rochelle shows us how to make a dress she found on Modcloth for a fraction of the price. 

800 gifs to stare at I guess.

Indiana Jones mystery package

A 170 foot long trampoline installed in a Russian forest.  

All the desktop wallpapers your nerdy hearts desire.

DIY and How To

How to turn a boring bedroom into a sizzling New Orleans style boudoir.

How to take a sick day.

How to learn Spanish fast during a gap year. 

How to make "mind fuck coffee". I'll be honest. I want to try these.

This came up on my twitter feed and I love it! 

How to write emails that get a response. 

Horrible and NSFW stuff.

Horrible jokes that are funny. Reddit always goes too far though. Warning.

Where your dude likes to cum and what that says about him.

How your girl likes to cum and what that says about her.

The worst things for sale. 

How the fuck do people go through life believing a woman's body "shuts down" if she doesn't want sex? Don't they ... how... UGH!

The thing that made me go vegetarian and never look back. 

Imagine being mistaken for a mass-murderer of children. 

Worst thing Mario has ever done.

Science and smart guy thingies. 

What a psychologist wants everyone to know about psychology.

Hallucinogen awareness.

Are cell phones replacing reality? (video)

The eyeballing game.

Someone with epidermolysis bullosa answers Redditor's questions. 

A real cloud has been created indoors. 

Literacy privilege, or why grammar nazis are dicks. 

Donald Duck in mathemagic land. I remember watching this as a kid. Imagine today's kids sitting through this? Nope.

An infographic on evolution and why there's not ape-men running around.

Staying hydrated is important.  

A smart alternative to the captcha. 

Not Pron - the hardest riddle on the internet. I gave up on level one, couldn't open the door.

100 words for snow. I share this for fun because it's winter but I just want you all to know that we have the exact same amount of words for snow, it's just that Inuktitut and other native languages are compounding languages, meaning they add prefixes and suffixes to words to change the meaning. So rather than saying "powder snow" it's like they have an affix that means "powder" that they stick on there. So this isn't technically a fair comparison. Just clarifyin'.

A brief history of book ciphers. 

Cosmolearning. So many documentaries!

What will your baby's eye color be? (They shouldn't say zero percent though, you never know what's hidden in people's genes.)

How spiders work. UM THE GOAT THING??? WTF

City birds use cigarette butts to smoke out parasites.

How products are made.


It is very hard to get a license to own your own funeral home I guess.

Drag to see what caused your death. Mine was "mutant attack".

Oh please, I've seen more tarantulas in bananas than this one praying mantis.  Relax lady. haha

This anonymous blogger loves to out Western Canadian gangsters

Sesame Street tackles big issues. 

Where did the drunk Irish stereotype come from? 

How hay bales are wrapped in their rain covers. 

Using Facebook to announce bad news.  

I need a scarf like this for night walking.

26 moments that restored our faith in humanity.  Welp, I'm crying.

Demerit badges. Amazing. I like the sash hoodies with the patches too.

Did you know there are over 200 bodies on Mt. Everest and they're used as landmarks?

And, of course,  a healthy dose of WTF.

The worst thing that could ever happen in a massage parlor. AAH

This doll commercial. (video)

Instant regret peanut butter.

Gandalf playing bagpipes on a unicycle. (video)

Hitler as a kitty

Newest fashion accessory for the red carpet. 

Paul McCartney sang in Nirvana reunion???? It actually sounds pretty good!

Sofa guts.

Urinal cakes decorated to look like real cakes.

The most "moving" toilet experience. What even is this? 

My friend Claire posted this picture today. WTF Cadbury Dairy Milks??

There's such a thing as Pizza Hut perfume and it smells like dough. 

Cleaning out the sheds with the Merry Pranksters' Ken Babbs.

Latawnya, the naughty horse, learns to say "no" to drugs. 


Thanks to Gala, Kellie, Courtney, more Kellie, RochelleRookie, and Nubby.

*It's interesting how the subjects "women" "fat" "power" and "feminism" all seemed to be so intertwined I couldn't separate them.

Well, that's it, I'm in Alberta now or in the air flying to Alberta or maybe in a taxi on the way to the airport. It all depends on what time you're reading this. I'm not sure if I'll be able to want to use the internet while I'm away so if you write to me and I don't answer please just wait until I feel like answering you. Chillin' with my family is my jam, son. Get with it.