Tuesday, 11 December 2012

links 4u

I got this image from Google images...but it's originally from a site called "mediums 4u" which sounds super legit. You should definitely give them your credit card information immediately.

And now for the timewasters.


You are NOT a photographer.

Hot chocolate reviews.

The 25 pieces that should be required reading for women

Why waiting in line is torture.

These cake wrecks make me laugh so hard

This xmas shirt! 

Facebook fails are the best. 

Photojojo's fun holiday photo ideas

Bad company: how to identify a toxic community before it's too late

Thoughts on Etsy feedback. 

This interview with Dick Dale is ... interesting. What a weirdo! 

The Polaroid factory workers' jacket is beautiful!!

Astronaut Ron Garan answers questions on Reddit.

True story: I waited till marriage to have sex.

Are Bronies changing the definition of masculinity? (video)

Yay Jason Sudeikis. 

16 ways the toy industry is stuck in the stone age. 

10 Ted talks about the beauty and difficulty of being creative.

A round up of round ups of the best photos of the year.

The visible Tom Waits.

Sex as understood by adolescent boys. (video) nsfw-ish

Is there such a thing as fake geek girls. (video)

How to keep the holidays healthy without being a total buzzkill.

Thrift your gift.

What should we teach children to call their private parts? 

American Health Care scares me (although I've learned that it differs state-by-state). Here's how one construction worker deals with his injuries without insurance.  

Look at this intense necklace.

How do you feel about human remains as art? I have to agree, it's all about consent.  I had no idea the Body Worlds bodies were Chinese prisoners either!! I've seen them twice, now I feel weird about it.

Best photo locations: the forgotten spots [swimming pools].

Well this is ...educational. Rapists were asked what they looked for in their victims.

17 euphemisms for sex from the 1800s. 

Amazing anamorphic illusions. (video) 

Datevitations: the cool way to give your significant other a coupon book

Chinese factory workers and the toys they make. 

This shop has some great vintage tees for sale. And an ALF mask

This is a memory of...

The worst places to wait in line.