Thursday, 13 December 2012

freewriting for the masses. (that means you)

I just really feel like writing today so why the heck not, I say. I'm actually working at my friend Sarah's store at the moment, selling a bajillion vegan chocolate bars and tofu socks. That sounds weird. They're knee socks that say TOFU on them, not socks made out of tofu. 

 And there's a venus flytrap here. I'm going to poke it and see what happens.


Nothing happened.

It's really kind of cool working by myself all day long. Even I, the notorious shy loner, get excited to talk to basically anybody who walks in the door. I love that I just do my job and that's all. Then, at the end of the day, I lock the door and forget about the day as soon as I leave. There's no workplace drama or weird conversations. (Except when a weirdo comes in and won't leave and just keeps talking forever, I don't have someone who can rescue me "has something very important to talk to me about" like I do at the tattoo shop so these can go on for a while.)

The clientele is so much gentler than the people who come into the tattoo shop too. They speak in soft voices and don't try to intimidate me or fight about prices. It's both nice and intimidating talking to little old ladies and nice vegans all day long. I can't swear at anybody but then again I don't really need to, you know?

My most favorite customers to talk to are the (non-vegan)people Christmas shopping for vegans in their families, because I can empathize with their situation and help them out a lot. My least favorite are the weirdos who try to trick me into going in the back room so they can steal aromatherapy sprays.

Do you ever look at your life and realize how weird or exotic it would seem to someone from far away? Because I'm having one of those moments as I type. Not that working in a retail store is exotic, but the whole picture is quite the opposite of what, say, my high school best friend's life is like I'm sure.