Sunday, 11 November 2012


Alright, let's cut the crap and get right into the links, shall we?


 Real life movie horror posters.  

Too true. Too true. More here.

The top 8 Skymall Christmas gifts for 2012.

The world of a professional naked girl.

It happened to me: I was a "lazy welfare mom". 

92 years of women voting (in pictures) 

How to talk like Jane Austen.

10 DIY photo filters on the cheap.  

John C Reilly talks about his childhood on Conan.  (video)

I don't normally link to household items but THESE REFRIGERATORS. Oh and this sink too!

Oh come on, like you've never wanted to see Ernest Hemmingway's butt.

I got stalked and it was a total bummer. 

I want this internet sweatshirt. Oh, and this Best Made sweatshirt. And the funny thing is I already have five, count them, five, grey sweatshirts. I can't stop. So here is another sweatshirt I would like, and it's black.

"World's Best Father"  These pictures are hilarious.

This whiskey advent calendar would make a great gift for the guy or gal who has everything and loves booze.

Can digital drugs get you high?

Vulgar kids' movie jokes you didn't understand as a kid.  

Have you ever heard of Izu Island? Where the gas masks are obligatory?

Old timey cat pictures. And a descent into madness. 

Color changing umbrella. 

China is paying Tibetans not to set themselves on fire. 

Time-lapse photos of glaciers receding.

The Cabin in the Woods as a choose your own adventure book cover. 

Lessons in creativity. 

6 pieces of relationship advice I would give you if we were friends. 

How to get someone to stop texting you.

You can now lock your ice cream.  Speaking of ice cream, this and this.

Do good. 

How to pressure a woman into sleeping with you. 

I want this box. And enough Field Notes notebooks to fill it. 

Potion overdose - two wizards battle and drink too many potions. (video)

You could not take this hair dryer on an airplane. 

iPad gramophone. 

What not to do for an erection.

Photographing the loving gays of Vietnam.

Get unstuck and achieve flow.

The Seattle police put up a funny guide to legal marijuana use called "marijwhatnow?"

A child's perspective on gay marriage. 

High speed photos of cameras exploding. 

Outdoor jacuzzi on the Matterhorn. 

Texts from last night (from famous fictional characters). 

A BBC documentary about raves in 1992. And speaking of 90s raves ... this. hahaha the round sunglasses. Natural Born Killers, what did you do to fashion?  (videos)

Cool outdoor seating options.

Mini travel guide - Poland.

Needed: A Clue. Young job seekers - having no luck? Here are a few possible reasons. 

Night at the museum. Not to sound like a total dork but that's my kind of party. ha

Confession: if you bought your pet, I'm judging you. 

One friend on another friend's blog? Whoa. Caitlin on Body Policing.

Balloons in a phone booth. We did this with my sister's car once.

Productivity - manage your white space. 

Say "prunes" not "cheese" - a history of smiling in photographs.

Tiny people and food.

18 things you should say yes to.

I may or may not have a huge crush on Father John Misty right now. His dance moves, lol. The best song is at 20:50. The bass player who looks like Kurt Cobain really annoys me.

This shop has cool shirts.

Scientology and Me - one girl's account of growing up scientologist

How to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes.

Slogans for the early 21st century. 

Animal affective - portraits of people with their exotic pets.

The Facebook demetricator.

Your legendary hit? It could be a joke.

Finding the cure for obsessive comparison disorder. 

Why do we re-read books?

And finally...

Ha. Found here.


Thanks Alycia