Thursday, 8 November 2012


Oh never mind, it's in my hand.


Things that are annoying unless you're a part of them.

100 jump starters to cure your writer's block.

Let's find something better to do than picking on other bloggers

How to get out of an unwanted political conversation. 

What to send to help victims of hurricane Sandy

Across the divide: tips for negotiating political differences with your family. 

Doing NYC missionary style. These guys look hilarious. I hope they're actually missionaries.

Secret bookcase doorways. Oh house of my dreams.

What sort of person hates Barack Obama? 

Alycia's new crochet store has the cutest hats!!

The best thing I've ever witnessed or ever will witness probably. YES

It's the long lost son of Steve Carrel and Ryan Gosling. 

If you're one to go to a club and get hit on by d-bags, here's what to do. 

Tiny scale replica of an 18th century tool chest. Too cute!!

How to start a blog

You can order four custom sticker portraits of yourself here

Abandoned: lac la nonne

5 ways to be a more efficient blogger.

I love Highland Cattle .

I wish there was this type of project going on around here!!

Just how bad is a traditional burial? 

A list: good songs with violins, trumpets and/or cellos in them

Just wondering: little answers to your big questions. 

Thoughts on blog advertising.

Friending: the only thing you need to know. 

Meth heads are robbing people's graves. 

I am whatever I say I am.

Russian beard tax tokens were a thing. 

The options of an unplanned pregnancy.  (in the USA)

Better book titles.

10 ways to survive winter.

Historical photos colored in.  

This swimsuit is awesome

Well I guess I'm MUCh too old for these secrets now. Eh, I'll read them anyway. 

Good point, why does the label "pro life" only actually mean "anti-abortion"?

Ellen on the Bic pens for ladies. (video)

The Human Centipede; or how to move to New York. 

No sunlit room, no last words

GIFs of people screwing up in TV commercials

Exploring powerless Manhattan


The 21 most awkward situations in history

Would you have been accused of witchcraft?  I got "highly likely". Sadface.

Where can I get some snoo?

Who does the voices on popular cartoons?

Carved pencil!!

Arrested Development baseball cards. I laughed out loud at the Gob one. "Oh come on!" ha


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