Monday, 26 November 2012


Growing my bangs.
I haven't done one of these "lately" posts in ages. Lately I've been...

READING Cloud Atlas. I'll be honest with you all, I knew nothing about the book or the stories in it before I started reading and I got so confused and frustrated that I quit reading it for probably two weeks.

For those who haven't seen the movie and are going to read the book, just know this: every chapter is  a completely brand new story and it's amazing how into each one you can get before it's abruptly cut off right at the climax. It's a super well written book that way. Every single chapter is a cliffhanger.
BUT it ends up (kind of) making sense in the end. And yes, you do find out what happens to everybody eventually so don't quit halfway through like I did.

Now I've moved on to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. I actually wanted to read The Other Boleyn Girl but the PDF I downloaded isn't formatted in a way that works with my e-reader. I should actually order it from the library! Yes. I love the library so much.

But anyway the Abraham Lincoln book is WAY better than I was expecting. I thought it was going to be like the Pride, Prejudice and Zombies book, like a history of Honest Abe with some vampires thrown in for fun, but it's much more interesting than that. It's still heavily based off biographies of Abraham Lincoln of course, but it's written with a lot more fiction than fact.

I say give it a try, I know vampires are like, so lame and junk these days but these vampires are more like your creepy Nosferatu and less like your sparkly Edward.

WATCHING: I downloaded every episode of Adventure Time and have almost watched them all. It's great in the same way Spongebob Squarepants is great. It'll probably fuck up your kids but it's awesome for stoners and weirdos. haha

We are so into The Walking Dead right now too. We watch it "live" on Sundays and we record it on our PVR so the kids can watch it whenever they're here from their mom's house too. I like watching it just with Ryan the first time because sometimes kids, um, don't shut up during a suspenseful part or important dialogue. So this is the best arrangement for us all.

And MAYBE we discovered all the reality shows on A&E's website. Duck Dynasty? Storage Wars? Yeah. We went there. It was not pretty. 

DOING: Welp, I might as well admit it, we put up our Christmas tree about a week ago and I've been buying presents already. So has Ryan.

Other than that not much is exciting around here. I just go to work and do fun things like make facebook albums of tattoos (try and guess which ones are mine...there are five)*, and then I come home and watch TV with Ryan or read or we go out to a movie or the gym together. You know that thing Cosmo magazine says about couples who work out together, right? Me neither but I'm sure they say something about it.

EATING and DRINKING: I love trying new foods and drinks. I've been into beers that taste like autumn and Christmas lately. I showed you the Dough Boy Ale in my last links post, and then you can see two other delicious beers I had recently in the pictures below.That pumpkin beer is SO GOOD. I was searching for a different beer and kind of settled on it, but boy am I glad I did.

As far as food goes, well Ryan and I tried making elotes last night, I think we nailed it, except we had to use feta cheese instead of whatever they use in Mexico. Esquite and elotes vendors on every corner are one of the things I always talk about from my time in Mexico, and finally Ryan had enough and said if I came home with the ingredients then we'd make it that day. It was amazing. And pretty easy.

We used this video as a guide, in case you want to try it sometime. Like I said, super easy. Then again, the weather is so amazing this year we can still use our barbecue. But you can roast the corn in the oven too. Not all is lost, those with real winters.

EXCITED ABOUT: In a few weeks I get to have early Christmas with my family in Alberta. And, get this, between me moving to B.C. and my brother traveling the globe, all seven of us brothers and sisters haven't been in the same room for seven years. It's very exciting. And I'm sure I'll come back with a bazillion photos.

*(shameless work plug, go check them out and like them and like us and buy tattoos)


And according to instagram I've been walking a lot...

...eating oatmeal with a cat spoon, finding funny graffiti, walking around downtown, reading Cloud Atlas...

 ...finding neat old instruments for branding poor cows...

 ...hanging out with the dog...

 ...buying new foods I've never heard of, watching every episode of Adventure Time, going through rad old tattoo flash, going through my boss' motorcycle parts and laughing at the names...

 ...and drinking various things.

Oh and I found a scary knife. Which is in my pocket because ... well, what do you do with a knife other than keep it on you for just in case? Although I doubt I'd use it unless I was already half murdered myself. The thought of stabbing or cutting someone is horrifying.

What instagram does not ever show you is Ryan. Like, at all. I don't know why. It's not like I'm hiding some troll in my basement or something. He's actually quite handsome and he's around me every day, involved in like sixty percent of my life. I guess it's because he likes posing for pictures like they're yearbook photos and gets all bummed when I randomly post photos of him being natural.

It's probably also because the time we spend together is usually not very well lit. If you know what I mean. Just kidding, I mean because it's in the evening or in the house. And my iPod camera is all like "no" about taking pictures in dimly lit surroundings.

Anyway he exists is all I'm saying.