Wednesday, 21 November 2012

a links post of epic proportions for your fancy American holiday and subsequent super long weekend

Gingerbread beer is my homie. And pumpkin beer. But nothing is quite like Granville Island Winter Ale. If you get a chance, please please try it. And force them to have it year-round. 


And yeah I'm wearing the ridiculous shirt my boss was selling at the tattoo shop, haha.


Ted Playlists exist now. Want to see what Barbara Streisand thinks you should learn? hah

The scribble project. And The Scribble Diary.

21 more "cerebral" movies for you to check out.

This picture is mesmerizing

The angry traveler's guide to obscene gestures.

72 year old models for his granddaughter's children's clothing store. Hilarious. 

We are all to blame for the agony of Congo

Lost tomorrows of yesterday.  Really weird cool inventions of the past.

I like food: a post about happiness and self-acceptance.

Top 10 most extreme substances. Um. Botox is terrifying.

So...which one has the best mother?

How to live without irony. And then read what a Vice music writer thinks of the author of this article.

Know when to go to the hospital.

My mom is fostering these puppies right now. She says the one with the blue eye is the naughty one.


Alycia's top five most awkward moments.

Bad taxidermy is always hilarious but that first one...and then the photoshop job of it later on? HA! 

Another women vs. sexual harassment article on Jezebel, but there's really never enough

This guy deserves to have his hands broken.

The quiet ones. I wish quiet buses existed.

After a double lung transplant. Wow.

Deoderant wars: where are they now? edition.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

Rap coloring book. 

Your brain on alcohol. (video)

These poor firefighters were showered with raw sewage!

This tie. 

Reddit asks what mistakes people made as ignorant children.

TNT vs. dynamite: what's the difference?  

Things I wish my mother had told me. 

What is the biggest shark?  WTF is a basking shark? Never heard of it!! TO GOOGLE.

Brilliant mine-sweeping device. 

Be your own boss.  

Haunted toaster. "Well Richard, you know, when all is said and done, it makes good toast" hahaha the satan toast looks so fake. Why did this even get on TV? (video)

A visual diary documenting a flight from New York to Berlin. I want to do this!!  Actually my sister and I spent a month in Mexico once and every night would draw pictures of the funny or weird parts of our day and try to make each other laugh with the best comic strip. Where are those books now??? AHHH I wish I had them.

Kris Atomic's trip to Paris was pretty

How to make your decision the 'right' decision.

I learned how to make blow in Colombia. 

DIY stickers

you like Stefon on SNL? You'll probably like this. - sidenote: I heard he reads his lines off the teleprompter for the first time when they're live, that's why he cracks up every time. (video)

I'm drowning in bird shit and self pity: the life of a (non-catwalk) model.

Did you know before triceratops there was xenoceratops?

25 places that look not normal but are actually real. 

I changed my Facebook background to this.  I know my two friends who read will get it.

Generation cry face.

On being called Ms. rather than Mrs. 

Full-length classic Christmas movies you can watch for free

Peta compares pubic hair to wearing fur. Not cool for more reasons than are touched on in this post.

I can totally relate to Alycia's bitchy PMS thoughts. 

26 of the best ideas ever. 

Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web.

Rethinking pop culture crushes.

Erin went to the Royal Tyrell (dinosaur) museum, I've been there so many times and never get sick of it. Love that place!!! The entire town of Drumheller is covered in hilarious dinosaur statues.

Bomomo - very weird drawing program.

More Reddit. Because I can't stop looking at it. No sugarcoating it. What are the worst things about growing old? 

Selling yourself: what are you worth? 

These photos by Erik Johansson are so...surreal.  

Be nice and you'll be happy.

Gorgeous swamp photo.  

I actually don't know what a "fruit paper" is but they're pretty.

Scientists probe human nature and discover we are good after all. 

Your wife is the worst. 

Some things to consider when you think you want to become a prostitute.

Trade secrets: incentives and thank yous.

ERMAHERD: a phonological analysis 

Grumpy kitten embroidery

The New York Times explains the hashtag. 

Me and my bulimic teeth. 

On the subjugation of mums in Christmas advertising. 

I'd love to tour the Guinness factory.

Generalization, judgement and a lack of understanding.

Overgram - add words to your instagram photos.

The idea of a "dream lover's bookshelf" is interesting.

What women don't want: bad stats.  

A 'party drug' may help the brain cope with trauma.

The x storm tote. Cute and for a good cause!

You know that 5-hour Energy drink they have at the cashier in the grocery store? Totally cited in thirteen deaths.  I drank one once while working as a cashier and had an insane niacin flush for probably an hour. It was so embarrassing.

You're awesome. So then what? 

Why shopping makes introverts psycho.  OMG YEAH

James Bond's sexual exploits.

Miss. NASA beauty pageant winners, 1968-73.

Beach tribes.

Have you seen the handwritten list of Kurt Cobain's favorite albums?  Let the downloading begin.

11 Weirdly spelled words and how they got that way. 

A superhero font.  

What will Playboy Bunnies wear in India

This is real: The Apology Act of 2009 is a thing here in Canada, because we all say we're sorry so much, that states that apologising cannot be legally used to constitute admission of guilt.  Unless it's to do with money.

Redditors talk about random acts of kindness.

Something borrowed: an open ended discussion on cultural appropriation.

Gala's musical awakening sounds a LOT like mine. I love the playlist she made! Antichrist Superstar and '90s NIN is the soundtrack to my entire high school life. And yes, I'll admit it. I liked KORN too. hahaha

Portraits of strangers

Reading, right guys? I'm reading Cloud Atlas right now. Halfway through and it's starting to make a bit of sense. It's a really cool book.

11 things everyone needs you to know.

And finally... who knew Bukowski loved cats?



I just applied for a part-time job in the library at the University of Victoria. OMG everyone cross their fingers and toes for me mmkay? Imagine working at a tattoo shop AND a library? Dream jobs!