Saturday, 6 October 2012

This is my last day in my 20s!

Here's the most recent photo taken of me (by my awesome sister Lyndon - follow her on instagram btw, you won't be sorry), this was a few weeks ago but I basically look the same. Anyway this is me just before turning thirty.

A friend on Facebook suggested I should go out and make irresponsible choices, date the wrong guy, spread rumors and wear a tube top, you know, while it's still age appropriate. I thought about going clubbing or something. The internet seems to suggest I should have compiled a list of things I did before I was thirty for some reason.

The truth is I'm going to do nothing but go to work and then come home and hang out, as usual. Ryan's making us a big fancy dinner. It happens to be Thanksgiving weekend but we're cancelling Thanksgiving and having Novasgiving instead. Tofurky and mashed potatoes and whatever and I get an end piece of the tofurky roast because it's MY SPECIAL DAY.

I don't care about the age, I'm not going to be one of those ladies who writes "18+" or "REALLY????" or "OLD ENOUGH" in the age section of a tattoo parlour consent form. (Yes, like 20% of women do this type of shit.) I'm proud of every second I've earned on this planet. It's a privilege to live somewhere where thirty isn't even considered middle age. I'm still "young" in our society.

 But I do look at 18 year olds and think "shut up, idiot", so I guess I'm not that young.

Anyway the point of all this is tomorrow is my birthday and it's a big one but I'm not making a big deal of it because ... I don't really want to. Please write your best "you're so old" joke in the comments section.