Wednesday, 17 October 2012

links, because it's my day off and I've been on the computer all afternoon.

This week: rainy days, dog hang-outs and sweat suits.


Suzy's horror story from 2003.

Aerial Nudes by John Crawford. Sort of NSFW?

Moving walkways

A response to a man's outraged Facebook post about periods being misrepresented, haha. (video)

A new way of looking at hummus, haha. 

Mister Rogers giving the finger. (video)

I hung out in a warlord's arms factory. 

Journaling ideas

Ten interesting idiom etymologies

Where the internet lives: inside Google's data centers.

Wolf (and I)

Henry Thomas' ET audition. (video)

Roger Ebert's favorite horror movies

The science behind tripping balls

Ask a grown woman: Paula Pell. (video)

I want to believe these Bill Murray stories are all real. Noone will ever believe you.  

Portrait of a presidency in 2012. Pretty amazing photographs.

Sarah Von shares how she became a professional blogger. I like the lessons learned from each job.

Why should women care if Mitt Romney had binders full of women?

Tony Hawk interviews Louis C.K. (video)

Here's a few t-shirts I almost bought but didn't Sick Sad World, Science and Dino DNA... annnnd a coupon code (but you have to use it today). 

Sarah Wambold pitches a funeral home/art gallery in her entrepreneurial class.

Mom and baby animals

True story: I spent 3 months in a psych ward

Civil War, Cowabunga!

89 useless facts

18 ingenious lifehacks every bachelor should know. 

Combat ready comebacks, part 1 and part 2

A collection of movie cliches. 

Obsessing over death isn't just for old people anymore

5 reasons you're getting rejected and how to hear more Hell Yes's and Hallelujahs. 

Tits. (an analysis of a colloquialism)

Real life Popeye. Bad. Ass.

And last but very very not least - the new Die Antwoord video. It's kind of gross but so fuckin' awesome. And they kill off Lady Gaga.


Now please enjoy this spooky Halloween photo of Ryan and I with weird faces.


Thanks Suzy, Jenny, and Alexandra.