Wednesday, 3 October 2012

fifty links 4 u plus dog photos 4ever

Why ALF is the most tragic fictional character ever.

This newslady kills it after receiving an email calling her fat. (video)

National Geographic's series on Taboo practices is interesting as hell! 

This is something I'd want to do if the TSA wouldn't let me have my vodka, haha.

This cat's grumpy face makes me smile

Girls and college

It gets better, morbid kids. (video)

You can't help but feel kind of sorry for Tommy Tucker the squirrel. But still. So cute.

You are never truly alone.

This backpack sofa is weirdly enticing.

When the world is your therapist: Lady Gaga's eating disorder is a double edged sword.  

Why is the sky dark at night? Um, it's much more complicated than you'd think. (video)

How to look hot at the gym.

13 things sex toys should never be confused with

T-Rex trying...

Crystal tried a lot of pumpkin beer. Here's her list of the worst ones she could find. And these are A Slight Improvement.

How to write good

Here's a virtual Rubik's Cube.

My racial background is none of your business.  You know people NEVER ask me about this unless they see my last name.

I like reading other peoples' book lists and finding new stuff to read. Here's one now.  

Mentally stimulating games.

It'd be hilarious to talk on the phone like this. 

Things you'd better not mix up. (video)

Why Hogwarts was all in Harry's head.

The 12 year old slut meme and Facebook's misogyny problem.

The teenager audio test. I can hear it, can you?

These pictures of friends on the beach are quite cool. 

I entered my baby in a beauty pageant and lost my mind.  

Create a better queue for your netflix.

Simpsons drawing club

These images just made me insane.

One cat getting another cat's tail from inside a box. Could watch for hours. (video)

Scale models of falling down buildings.

Beatlemania 1963

Dress up Mario, Marty and Luke.

The moral case for sex before marriage.

A collection of funny commercials directed by David Ward. The first one is hilarious. (video)

Dexter cupcakes. 

Pictures of Oktoberfest simultaneously make me wish I was there and glad I'm not.

Liveplasma - discover new music, movies and books easily, just type in stuff you already like and it'll find similar things (warning, will automatically play music and scare the crap out of you)


Pun of the day.

How the dead move among us

Anyone else love looking at Halloween costumes

How to take INCREDIBLE photos of your friends

Khan Academy - learn things for free.

Calming manatees.

How to avoid awkward conversations when you meet new people

True story: I had open heart surgery at 32.

Do nothing for 2 minutes. (warning, ocean sounds play when you open this site)


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