Sunday, 2 September 2012

It's a long weekend in BC. links to celebrate.

I just wrote a 500-something word rant about how poor I am for having tooth problems and boo hoo I might get a blood infection from an abscess la la la. Anyway I deleted it because I'd rather just forget about it since I can't even call a dentist 'til Tuesday. Ignoring a problem will make it go away right? But I swear I'll call on Tuesday morning. Don't even worry.

 Now for your glorious links!


I never knew I needed a purse organizer until I saw these.

Cigarette butts!

Jim Power's mosaic trail looks beautiful! 

Dan Castellaneta explains where Homer Simpson's D'oh came from. (video)

North Thailand looks absolutely beautiful.

Listen up, ladies: here's everything real men think is wrong with you. 

Mastodon's guide to mastadons. (video)

88 books that shaped America.

Best pencil case ever. 

Water wigs

I want Jenny to read me a book in a Costco parking lot.

We're all gonna die: the infectious pandemics of 2012.

Breaking Bad's Mike stars in an educational film on menstruation. In the '70s. 

LOL it's funny 'cause it's true. 

Micheladas are my all-time favorite way to consume beer so THIS IS AMAZING.

Nude Stan Lee alert.

If you live in the USA you can get free laughing squid stickers. 

How to bitch about having a kid without seeming like a total dick.  

The internet on a BIC pen...for women. Hilarious. 

Bird figures out how to go fishing with a piece of bread. (video)


Commodore 64 users and their computers in the 80s. 

You like Breaking Bad? Then you'll love this 3D illustration of Walt and Jesse. 

Internet addiction was featured on Roseanne in 1996! (video)

Cool as hell matches. Why don't they make these anymore? 

Erin's photos of Cadomin Alberta are pretty rad. It's like a 1980s ghost town?

How to build a home gym for less than $100. I think these things are all more expensive here but still, there's some good tips.

Hipster Wizard of Oz. and if that didn't mess with your childhood, this definitely will.

33 things I've learned in 33 years.

This is a pretty amazing gift from a dad to his son! haha

Blowjobs: why can't Americans be more like the French

Have you ever seen the threadcakes competition? It's an annual competition where people bake cakes that look like the designs off t-shirts. They are amazing.

Honest trailers: the Hunger Games. (video) (I agree about Peeta vs Gale) OMG and here's one for Twilight that is hilarious. SHOVEL FACE

An art vending machine.

Some of the stories that go along with these photos from the paralympics are intense.

'90s tv teachers: where are they now? 

11 abandoned American hospitals "open" for exploration

We're not here for your inspiration. I love this.

7 mantras for shy people, sublime introverts - & moments of wobbly confidence

Wordie wars. My kind of board game!! Now to find someone who will play me.

This momma cat hates her baby's hat. hahaha

33 pieces of wisdom

This anchorman will NOT be canoodling with anybody tonight. (video)

I wish there were more bus knights around. 

Beautiful photos of the insides of instruments. 

French artists from the year 1901 to 1910 were asked to draw what the year 2000 would look like in France.  There's no way in hell I'd let a robot use a straight razor anywhere near me.

Is cuteness bad for craft? 

Why pregnancy really lasts for nine months. Interesting! Science! 

I feel the same way about friendships.

The shocking things people say to someone trying to get healthy.

25 things fat people shouldn't do. And Jes is doing all of them. 

Design nerd alphabet flash cards.

The seven most ridiculous myths about female biology. 

What Suzy is afraid to tell us

I love everything about French Press coffee except the clean-up. Here's how to make it if you don't know.

What it was like to get a coathanger abortion in the '60s.  Intense.

Are we all braggarts now? 

A facebook timeline showing the history of the photograph.

The many roads to retirement.

OMG OMG penguin being tickled. (video)

Top ten marijuana myths and facts.

100 exquisite adjectives. 

Here's a fascinating thread on what it's like being a birthday party princess for hire

A neuroscientist gets his work featured in Nature and reporters basically ruin his career. (video)

Click those names, you won't be sorry.