Friday, 3 August 2012


I'm a bus ghost! I'm on day ten of a thirteen day work week. It's funny how even if you have the most fun and casual job in the world, you can still get a kind of work fatigue after being there so many days. I'll be glad I did it once it's over, I'm saving up for a super special tattoo from a super special German man! Some of you know who I'm talking about, EEE!!

Anyway other than working there's not been much going on. Which has been mirrored on this blog. When you factor in the 2 to 3 hours of commuting and 8 hour days, there's not really tons of time between work and sleep to be awesome or creative.
Although there is a paint-night in the works with a friend who says she's just as terrible at painting as I am. We'll see. I'm pretty un-skilled in the art department.

For example:

To be fair I wasn't trying that hard but still. Art is hard.