Wednesday, 4 July 2012

links for your American holiday

This poster (by Sawyer Hollenshead) of an Ira Glass quote is the best thing ever. I love me some Ira Glass.

And now...LINKS!

Test how well you see color here. Alycia got a perfect score, I got a 14...apparently I can't see blues and greens as well as I thought I could.

What George Orwell taught me about blogging.

Craigslist Joe. (video)

I want to go to Iceland really bad

This "Mexican" popcorn looks delicious. 

25 unfortunate sentences that seriously need a comma. 

Don't just survive, thrive!  

Caitlin talks about being a fire wife. 

The IRL fetish. So interesting! I have to admit, I'm guilty of this sometimes.

I want to try some Indian street food. 

How powerful is an MRI machine?  (video)

Alycia gives us resources for learning to crochet.

Lunch is an urban invention.

Best. Gif. Ever.

Free business cards from

The endangered languages project. Very important!!

Super "selfies": the art of the phone portrait.  

9 beliefs of remarkably successful people

What the hell is miracle fruit?

The chemistry of fireworks. (video)

A beginner's guide to DSLR cameras

10 unusual hotels for unconventional summer getaways.

Now THIS is traveling in a nutshell, hahaha. 

You can do that? Great. Go ahead

Diving in Cabo San Lucas.

Why are American kids so spoiled? (This goes for some Canadian kids too.)

The drunk baby meme

Travel tips for surviving Disneyland with kids. There's some cool stuff they've figured out.

The favorite snacks of great writers.

Suzy's farm kid photos. 

Last words

Talking about creativity and productivity.  I feel the same way.

Look at this wedding invitation

Dads these days: how those lucky bastards actually have it kind of shitty. Ryan and I always make fun of commercials that are all "moms know that bla bla bla" because why can't they just say "parents" or something? Or change it up with dads sometimes? It's so sexist. 

How to stay healthy while traveling

On ambition and being what you do. 

How to tell if you're a troll.  

How to read 7 books in 7 days.

These photos really illustrate the hardship of coming back from war as an injured veteran. 

Postal notebooks. Awesome idea!

'90s TV characters and their contemporary equivalents.

Spongebong hemp pants. Um...what? (video)

What tricks did your parents play on you?

The 7 things pet owners do that drive veterinarians crazy

15 celebrities before they were famous

Food porn could be affecting your weight.

10 essential dirty phrases in sign language.  

The real Frida Kahlo. (video)

Dreading a task? 5 tips for getting yourself to tackle it.

36 terrible sex tips for men this a necessary product? Brilliant or insane?

How to price your product.

Pepsi and Coke contain alcohol

10 ways yoga and meditation will make you cool. 

Suzy describes what the end of the world will look like and I bet she's right.

Sarah Von flew a plane!

How to feng-shui-erise your wallet.  

This underwater museum gives me the creeps. 


Play Pong here.

Kristin outlines her daily routine ... wow! Compared to her I'm a lazy comatose hobo. Please send her positive thoughts this week, and let's all hope the flooding stops.

The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Thanks Alycia, Tracy, Sarah, Kellie, Desiree, Caitlin, Susannah, Ashley, Gala, and Kellie.

Here's a thought for the day: 

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”
-Edwin Louis Cole