Tuesday, 17 July 2012

links 4 u

I  know you just want to get to the damn links already but first please look at this video I made of the sky on Friday the 13th. I threw a Mastodon song over it because I was like "RYAN COME LOOK AT THE SKY I THINK THERE'S GONNA BE A TORNADO" and he was like "We're not in Alberta, it'll be fine" and then I was like "NO I SWEAR LOOK HOW FAST THE CLOUDS ARE MOVING"

Anyway at the same time as this, behind me, there was a major thunderstorm. The kind that makes dogs bark and cats hide under cars. My tip for you to see what I saw through this jerky-ass video is enlarge it to full screen size and focus on a power line. I was scared.

I just realized I'm one of those people who keeps filming the sky even when I think a tornado is coming. DAMNIT. Anyway here's those links we were talking about.


Have you seen the universe's twitter account? Hilarious.

I got so excited when I was just kind of bumming around on Tumblr and found this photo of the market I bought one of my favorite bags in, in Cholula, Mexico.

Random love punches.

This is an amazing quote on the people who say they're "just joking" after being offensive. So true!

How to take photos in tricky conditions.

Game of Thrones for math nerds. (video)

The challenge of making friends as an adult.

Ryan and I have made it an annual tradition to watch the 20+ minute long ... advertisement? for the Gathering of the Juggalos. I have an unhealthy obsession with Juggalos as is, but these videos are always hilarious. The way they exploit the lonely people, the slow thinkers and the misogynistic...good times? This year's isn't as good as this one though.  Speaking of Juggalos, Coolio is one now apparently.

28 sexy pictures of older actors when they were young. 

What I'd be like as a DJ. (video)

12 essential social media cheat sheets.

10 baffling romance tips from the sociopaths at Fox News. 

Florida is releasing mutant mosquitoes to combat Dengue Fever. How could this possibly go wrong? (That was sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.)

Smart Girls (video)

BBC tells us where we are on the global fat scale with this calculator. I'm like 45 billion times fatter than an Ethiopian lady, I'll tell you that much. Surprisingly I'm built most like a lady from Portugal.

How to buy your first home. (part 1)

The most honest 3.5 minutes of TV ever. (video) Sorry American friends, but I loved this. BTW it pisses me right off when people say BC is the most beautiful place on earth too. It is beautiful but come on. It's not the BEST PLACE ON EARTH, like our provincial slogan used to say. How can you even quantify something like that?

Spoon-billed sandpiper chicks. (video) D'awww those legs! And when that one sits down? Too cute.

20 things I wish I knew about photographing in manual mode.

I don't even understand this printer...very cool! 

Scariest bench ever.

Encouraging kids (or anybody really) who think everything's too hard

The quietest place on earth. It sounds sort of creepy, actually. 

This Shrek cake made me laugh out loud this morning. If you haven't been through every single post Cakewrecks has ever done, you should just go ahead, take the time and do it. They're so funny!

Portraits of comedians

Pony Danza

Check out Andrea's awesome photo of a graffiti writer in action

I live in Canada and I've never seen the Northern Lights. If I had a bucket list they'd be on it. 

The happiest workout on earth

Blogging wisdom and a fresh start.

Things I thought were super adult when I was a kid. Part one and part two.

Is it wrong to call this 20 year old who punched a street harasser a hero?

I really really love Gael Garcia Bernal and would love to see this film. (video)

On tipping. I read something once that really stuck with me. It said (much more eloquently than this) that now that you're an adult, you MUST tip when you go out to eat. If you don't have enough money or are too cheap, then you have no business eating out in the first place. 

Thank friggin' goodness sensible shoes are fashionable right now. My feet are smiling.

How to kill a troll.

Devotion, stardust and the rewards of showing up.

The spotlight dims and shyness sets in.  I see this a lot with tattoo artists.

38 reasons why you should feel better about yourself.  

Traveler's guide to happiness. 

If you don't respect sluts, you don't respect women.

Divorce field guide: best advice.

Androids are jerks

I went from self-employed to 9-5 and love it. 

20 ways to let go of regrets.

Cats and dogs and tigers and babies all together.  As it should be.

Budge - what a cool little app!

World's fastest everything. (video)

Things I've learned as a wildfire wife. 

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I want to go to there. 

25 incredibly detailed black and white portraits of the homeless

I liked the kitty. The New Yorker talks about the Seinfeld episode about the New Yorker cartoons.

Check out the Tattoo Nation trailer (video) looks pretty interesting!

36 incredible places to see on earth. I don't know why but Iceland just keeps coming up over and over on my (and Ryan's) radar lately. I think we have to go to there soon. There are FOUR Iceland photos just in this post alone! Also, not to brag but I totally saw that Alberta one from a train window once and live just a ferry ride away from Vancouver and that crazy bridge.

An interview with "Dog" from the infamous Texts from Dog tumblr. 

The 100 best films set in New York City.

I'mma thank the people who led me to these links, because it's the polite thing to do.

And last but not least, check out this amazing short video on Los Muxes in Oaxaca, Mexico. Apparently there are places where being gay are ... kind of accepted ... in Mexico, other than DF.