Sunday, 8 July 2012


I'd like to get to know who the bloggers I read are. That's why I list people by their names at the bottom of these link posts. It's Sarah or Ashley or Kellie, not "blog name". Some blogs are so faceless I almost think of them as magazines. Others, like Caitlin's and Alycia's and Amalie's make me feel like I'm invited over to a friend's house for some tea and crumpets or whatever you invite people over for in the USA and Denmark.

I wonder which side of the fence I fall on. Anyway, here's a bit of my life, according to instagram:

1. raspberry ale and oatmeal stout. 2. coffee on my day off. 3. coffee on my day on. 4. red stripes.

I think I've got a pretty good book line-up. I've already finished the Night Circus and am halfway through Delirium. Awesome!! I love reading so very much.

 1. Cody looked like he was naked. 2. NBD but I met an internet friend who is awesome and she gave me a glow in the dark magical butterfly tattoo. And the I drank a pineapple smoothie. Best day ever. 3. Checks. 4. Tank top and a ponytail. 5. Neighbor cat, P.J. 6. New shop window! 7. Orange flavored toothpaste. Do. Not. Try. This. 8. Sure we'll hang up your posters...heh heh. 9. What you need. 10. The art scene is not dead. 11. Tank looking extra cool. 12. Plants tied in knots.

I helped out at a vegan festival on Canada Day. Check out my sweet shirt. lol

The sun came out. And some geese hissed at us.

One time I took the long way to work and checked out some tourist stuff. 

I wait for the bus a lot. 

1. self explanatory. 2. no thank you. 3. eagle eye exam. 4. bacon on windshields. 5. funny sign on Canada Day. 6. disgusting kiss marks on the bus window. 7. Chalk writing on the wall. 8. hi 9. Tank.

And now for your link fix you junkies.


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Above the treetops in Panama. Once again I would kill to have Kristin Luna's life. Oh yeah and the next day she saw a sloth.

Tips for vegan travelers.

I've shared this before but seriously how cool is MIT for having free courses online? Very. That's how.

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Basic yoga positions for people like me who have no clue what yoga even really is. 

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Cross stitches I can get behind.  I want to make stuff like this!

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DO NOT REACT: tips for surviving and mastering confrontation with grace. I could use some help in this area.

I've never had a Dum Dum before but their mystery flavor is an example of business genius! 

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Shipping container businesses. One of my favorite places to eat is in a shipping container down by the ocean here in Victoria.  Seriously. Try an edamame tacone and some deep fried pickles.

Women's ten biggest complaints about men's biggest complaints about women. 

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Help Kristin choose a new name for her (soon to be nonprofit) organization! So proud of you Kristin, you're the coolest cat.

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Top ten myths about introverts.  I can really relate to this post.

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I always love the photos on Hanna and Landon's blog. If you have some time, go through their archives. Beautiful stuff.

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Life sized Monopoly pieces appear on Chicago's streets. I love this!

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Annnd here's a picture of my dog. 

Thank you Nubby, Courtney, Clare, Kellie, Sarah V, Roberto, Caitlin, Alycia and Hannah.