Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I just love link posts.

And here's me looking half zombie, with Tank who is desperately trying to avoid eye contact with me.

Here's some cool stuff. 
This song is my jam this week, in case you were wondering. The video's pretty killer too. Turn it up to 11.


Individualism in overdrive.

600 year old bra and underwear discovered. Looks pretty comfy, actually. 

This is one of my favorite tattoo tumblrs.

The ermahgerd translator.

This squirrel feeder is hilarious!

The reading lists of your favorite fictional characters.

Hilarious and terrible prank to play on the stretched earlobe folks

A 6 year old judges books by their covers.

Online etch-a-sketch.

The composites -  police technology sketches out famous literary characters.

If you liked the shake weight, click here. (video)

"We did not taste." 

Sea shell room

Drag queens before and after.

Louis C.K. defends masturbation.

I'd like to agree with this newspaper article

From unbridled optimism to empty nests

What are the optimal military tactics for taking Disneyworld's Cinderella castle? 

The badassification of Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Have you ever seen a walrus whistle? (video)

Eating for energy (vegetarian friendly advice from Kyla Roma). 

This is a DIY I could get behind in our yard! 

Literally the most disturbing tattoo I've ever seen. 

My mental age is  39!! What? It's funny though, that's about the median age of my friends and people I spend most of my time with. I guess attitudes are catching.

What would you say to a million people? 

How did Nickelodeon make green slime? 

Jason Alexander's amazing gun rant.

Last days of the arctic

What's wrong with #firstworldproblems?


 The tattoo shop I work at used to just be named Tattoo Zoo, with a monkey mascot. Lately we've been rebranded as "Tattoo Zoo and sons" and to celebrate the new name my silly boss made these shirts. You can buy one if you're quick, they're a very limited addition. Email info@tattoozoo.net if you're interested.

Thanks to the lovely Caitlin, Hannah, Suzy, and Rochelle.