Saturday, 16 June 2012

links and life

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Thanks Shutterbean, Gala, Nubby, Suzy, CourtneyKellie and Kellie, Susannah and Desiree. Last link post someone asked where I find so many cool links...well I follow driven people like these ladies, and uh...Tumblr really.


Here's what my oh so amazing class looked like yesterday. As I said on Twitter and Facebook I'm so glad I spend $325 AND missed 2 full days of work to make a boardgame out of smelly markers and cardboard. Totally worth it!!

1. How everyone else was writing vs my "amazing" "artistic" writing. (Their words, as they were quite impressed with my color choices???? I don't know.) For the record I did not come up with the team name and I was against the word "jubilant" but hey, it's a team building class, not a team dispute class, right? Just go with it.

2. It was fancy friday so I went for it even though I wasn't at Tattoo Zoo. And my work area, including nametag and poorly rendered clip art in my photocopied workbook.

3. The best part of the day, my lunch. Dude, vegetarians, have you ever tried Field Roast weiners? Because DO IT. I had mine with mustard.

4. There were 1000 paper cranes in the cafeteria which was kind of cool.

So that was day one. I have to go back today and no, I wasn't joking about the board game. It has to teach the course material to the class which I think is such a fucking cop-out on the instructor's part. Yesterday he left the room for a good 45 minutes while we were planning our game and was seen hanging out in the library. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?

 Anyway I'm not learning anything in this class except that "adults" with "real jobs" are not any smarter, cooler, better or wittier than me, and some of them are REALLY ANNOYING HUMANS. This one lady was eating a muffin with her mouth open for probably an hour, making the worst saliva sounds. Another guy keeps calling things "gay" and saying really sexist comments that I keep calling him on because he's in our group and I'm the group leader. So.

I guess what I'm trying to say is wish me luck because I have to go back there for another seven hours.