Tuesday, 12 June 2012

instagramz and links

I don't know how to wear a collared shirt, apparently. Does the gapping mean it's too small or that I just need to buy an iron or something? Don't worry, I didn't wear it at all that day, haha.

1. Watching Weeds 2. Hair at work. 3. The plaid gang. 4. Waiting in the wind. 5. We've got a bad-ass here. 6. My favorite mustard is from Superstore for three bucks. 7. Yeti Spaghtetti's pretty eyes. 8. Stress. 9. Gimme attention dog.

Deer and a weird shadow.

1. Triangle cat. 2. Jar of wine. 3. Nova bean salad. 4. Muddy path. 5. Rain in our back yard. 6. Questionable color combination.

1. My room. 2. Hide and seek with Tank. 3. Get high, buy a kite.

1. Mondays. 2. Roses.


Let's start off with a totally catchy song about puppy mills.

And now some links!! :)

Behind the scenes photos of classic movies.

Beef jerky mosaic portrait of sasquatch. Why not?

5 tips on how to love yourself.

Food as typography.

Are you really there for your kids or are you on your iPhone?

Normally I don't like inspiration posts but these homes...oh boy.

Flavored envelopes.  

Wrapping paper that looks like a little village. Too cute!!

Be kinder than necessary.

Fiction readers have more social skills. 

How The Oatmeal countered a lawsuit with hilarity and charity. 

Mrs. Doubtfire as a horror film.  (video)

Calm.com is the most relaxing two minutes you'll spend online

D'Angelo learns what it feels like to be objectified, and it doesn't feel good.  

Deep fried electronics. 

What George Orwell taught me about blogging. 

Elycia talks about getting older

5 tips for a more user friendly blog.

Condom blanket and pillow.

Banksy releases exclusive print that's free for all to download. 

Hannah's library gem.

Polar bear learns to crawl. (video)

The most amazing lady ever, Kristin, takes us into a slum in India and shows us her friend's house. If you've never seen her blog before, I say go back about a year and a half and read everything. You'll cry, laugh and fall in love with her. No homo.

I'm Comic Sans, asshole! 

My friend Sam went to "the real silent hill" - I'd be so creeped out.

Is fiction changing? For better or for worse? 

5 ways college accidentally prepares you for the real world

Copenhagen seems so artsy.

20 search tips for Google masters

What social media buttons do you need? How to integrate social media into your site.

A hilarious and cute way to use tennis balls around the house

What ten classic books were almost called.

On forgiveness

This guy, Glitch, his dancing had me literally forgetting he's human. Especially the second video. And yes, I watch So You Think You Can Dance. Every year. Shut up.

Manners. I can't believe people!

Model behavious. 

The guys behind me on the train.

20 ways to give without expectations. 

I want to do something like this to my desk!! 

Beautiful photos of an Indian wedding.

Be online, but be offline too

True story: I have a severe phobia.

The ultimate guide to writing better than you normally do. 

How to properly set a table.  Believe it or not I used to actually know this. I forget it all now.

Make a house in the hallway

This is the longest, weirdest gif I've ever seen.

Hand carved stamps

Tree house point.

Weight loss and weddings. Should the two go hand in hand?

32 innovations that will change your tomorrow.

Forty is not the new twenty. (Thank God) 

4 things you shouldn't say to someone having a panic attack.

A peek inside the notebooks of famous authors, artists and visionaries.

Are you too busy for me?

Tweet it and weep? Online, grief over dead celebrities is about us.

Tips to being a rad lone wolf.

This doodle Sarah drew for me, y'all know how much I wuv kitties!! 

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