Friday, 8 June 2012

32 amazing films you can watch for free right now.

But first, gaze in awe at my girl hair. It's getting long!!

Making The Shining - a behind the scenes documentary about the making of The Shining

Un Chien Andalou - Surrealist film by Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel - and no, they aren't really cutting that eyeball. Just putting it out there. Oh yeah, there's an eyeball cutting scene.

Errol Morris' tribute to Stephen Hawking, a Brief History of Time

Day of the Dead - George Romero. Yup!

Life in a Day -  What life was like July 24th 2010. Cool!

The Last Man on Earth - made in 1964, so you know, not that scary, but still. Vincent Price is in it.

Bukowski: Born into this - a documentary on the world's biggest asshole an awesome writer.

Metal: a Headbanger's Journey - I love this so hard you guys.

The House I Live In - a short film starring Frank Sinatra made to combat anti-semitism after WW2. 

Hoffman's Potion - the history of LSD

Battleship Potemkin - we watched this in my Mexican Film class in university and I was like WTF? But basically it's an artsy revolutionary propaganda film by a Russian director in the 1920s.

Night of the Living Dead - Romero again, it's like the roots of horror right here.

Six Men Getting Sick - It's just a weird stupid creepy short film by David Lynch but actually kind of hypnotic.

Reefer Madness! And it's cousin film SEX MADNESS! That's right, it's an anti-SEX film from the 30s. And it. Is. Awesome.

Sid and Nancy -1986 biography of the famous bassist of the Sex Pistols and his girl.

My Best Friend's Birthday - Quentin Tarantino's directoral debut short film. 1987 rockabilly style.

The Golden Age - another Buñuel surrealist deal from the 1930s. A comedy on the absurdities of modern day life. Boy they were weirdos.

The Story of Stuff -  A look at the underside of production and consumption.

Young at Heart - a documentary following two artists in their 80s who fall in love.

Yellow Submarine - the full length Beatles film

Nuremberg Trials - a Russian documentary that takes you inside the trials of notorious German war criminals. Yikes. And if you're interested in Nazi stuff, check out this Disney film on the making of a Nazi from 1943.

Warhol's Cinema - 1989 documentary on Andy Warhol's cinema, made for television.

Pickin' and Trimmin' - an award winning documentary about a notorious bluegrass jamspot...inside a barber shop. 

The Times of Harvey Milk -  remember the movie Milk with Sean Penn in it? The gay politician in a time where that was totally not cool? Yeah that guy was a real person. This documentary was made in 1984.

Stephen Fry: the Secret Life of the Manic Depressive - documentary on Fry's struggles 

Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story - told with Barbie dolls. Apparently it's quite controversial. 

Powers of Ten - a 1968 short film on the scale of the universe. 

The Story of Menstruation - as told by none other than Walt Disney. Yeah. Awkward.


Oh hey, and this just happened. I submitted my application for a program at an out of town school to become a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, which is terrifying on so many levels. It's only a three month thing if I get in but still. I mean, I've been looking into living in residence. AAAHHH NOOO. I'm hoping they have a special building for "mature" students.

Oh wait, nobody knows what the hell a medical device reprocessing technician is? It's basically all the boring parts of my tattoo shop job but huge and in a hospital. So anyway it's some kind of career move. All I know is you get to wear scrubs all day and not do customer service so it's kind of like a dream job for me.